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Shoving Wilco

Shoving Wilco

Welcome to "Shoving Wilco," a podcast dedicated to celebrating the music of one of the most influential American bands, Wilco. Wilco has been making music for nearly three decades, blending elements of country, rock, alternative, and folk to create a unique sound that has captivated fans around the world. In this podcast, we'll delve into the stories behind the songs, explore the creative process of the band, and celebrate the enduring impact of Wilco's music. Shoving Wilco is hosted by award-winning podcaster Todd Rossnagel.

Recent Episodes

July 15, 2024

The Ultimate Wilco Album Debate with Al Shipley

In this episode of Shoving Wilco , we dive into an engaging conversation with Al Shipley, a music journalist who recently ranked all Wilco albums for Spin magazine . Al passionately argues for Sky Blue Sky as the best Wilco …
June 30, 2024

More on the Deep Cuts Show at Solid Sound

In this episode of Shoving Wilco, host Todd Rossnagel shares his thoughts on the Deep Cuts show at the 2024 Solid Sound. Dara Weyna called in to the show to share her thoughts, as well. Dara is at her first Solid Sound and s…
June 28, 2024

First Listen: Hot Sun Cool Shroud

In this episode of Shoving Wilco, hosts Todd Rossnagel and Tim Arnold review the new Wilco EP, Hot Sun Cool Shroud. The new EP came out on June 28th, and the hosts wasted no time jumping into the studio and sharing their tho…
June 17, 2024

There's a Wilco Song for Everything; A Conversation with Dara Weyna

In this episode of Shoving Wilco, we visit with Dara Weyna, a huge Wilco fan and a dedicated listener of The Shoving Wilco podcast. Dara shares her journey to becoming a huge fan of the band and how she believes, "There's a …
June 4, 2024

Back in the Saddle, New Wilco Music!

In this episode of Shoving Wilco, hosts Todd Rossnagel and Tim Arnold dive into the latest developments in the world of Wilco - the announcement of new music! No, they don't have a sneak listen but - hey - let's talk about i…
April 5, 2024

The Final Four

And it all comes down to this! You've voted and the results are in - the Final Four songs of the All-Time, Indisputable, totally-Your-Own Opinion, Greatest Songs of Wilco Bracket. Host Todd Rossnagel and Tim Arnold break dow…

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New Wilco! Exploring Wilco's Newest Song "Evicted"

By: Todd Rossnagel, Host of Shoving WilcoIt's hot down here in Louisiana. July 2023 was the hottest July on record for Baton Rouge, and the scorching temperatures are not going away anytime soon. But - we have new music from Wilco! Like a refreshing…