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Aug. 2, 2023

New Wilco! Exploring Wilco's Newest Song "Evicted"

New Wilco! Exploring Wilco's Newest Song

By: Todd Rossnagel, Host of Shoving Wilco

It's hot down here in Louisiana. July 2023 was the hottest July on record for Baton Rouge, and the scorching temperatures are not going away anytime soon. But - we have new music from Wilco! Like a refreshing breeze on a stifling day, the arrival of a new song, and word of a new album, gives us a renewed sense of excitement.

Wilco released their latest single, "Evicted" Tuesday, August 1.

I had the privilege of interviewing Marty Lennartz, longtime music DJ at WXRT Radio in Chicago, just a day after the world-wide debut of the song. Marty had the honor of pushing PLAY on the new song, and listeners all over the world were tuned in, including me and Shoving Wilco co-host Tim Arnold. Marty shared some intriguing insights into the collaboration between Wilco and the radio station, along with his thoughts on the musicality and profound emotions behind "Evicted."

WXRT has a rich history with Wilco, and this time, they decided to do something unique by joining hands with the band. Wilco has always had a fondness for radio - from the first album (AM) having a photograph of a radio on its cover to the latest song, "Evicted," making its glorious debut on the radio airwaves.  

There's no question - the musicality of "Evicted" is quintessentially Wilco, a characteristic that delights those of who love the band so much. The song features a captivating guitar solo by Nels Cline, which gracefully complements the song's essence, weaving subtle yet profound emotions into the background of the song. Described as a heartbreaking break-up song, "Evicted" touches on the raw emotions of loss, heartache, and the resilience required to move on. Marty highlighted how being evicted symbolizes a substantial effort, sometimes even involving authorities, making it a poignant metaphor for the end of a relationship.

"Evicted" is part of Wilco's forthcoming album, "Cousin," set to debut on September 29th. The album is produced by the talented Cate Le Bon, making it the first time Wilco has collaborated with a producer since their acclaimed albums "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and "A Ghost Is Born." In an article from SPIN magazine, Cate Le Bon praised Wilco's ability to metamorphose across genres while maintaining a thread of authenticity. This artistic versatility, combined with their undeniable talent, is what continues to set Wilco apart, even this far into their successful career.

Jonathan Cohen, the author of the same article, further described "Cousin" as a testament to Wilco's experimental side, reminiscent of their groundbreaking albums "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" and "A Ghost Is Born." The new album embraces vintage drum machines, guitars sourced from Japan, unexpected melodic progressions, and texture-building production touches, and fans like me are itching for what could potentially be a new sound, or a throwback to some of the experimental sounds found in some of the early Wilco albums.

Meanwhile, we eagerly await the release of "Cousin," and the Shoving Wilco podcast promises to keep the excitement alive by exploring each new song as it is unveiled. Wilco's ability to captivate us with their music continues to shine, and "Evicted" is just the beginning of what is sure to be another remarkable chapter in their musical journey.