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June 4, 2024

Back in the Saddle, New Wilco Music!

Back in the Saddle, New Wilco Music!

In this episode of Shoving Wilco, hosts Todd Rossnagel and Tim Arnold dive into the latest developments in the world of Wilco - the announcement of new music! No, they don't have a sneak listen but - hey - let's talk about it! Been a minute since we've had an EP!

Todd and Tim have been away from the pod for a little bit, so they re-connect on a few older topics that were headlines this spring. They commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nels Cline and Pat Sansone joining the band. They reflect on how these two talented musicians have profoundly influenced Wilco’s sound and contributed to its enduring legacy.

The episode also features an in-depth look at the newly released vinyl, The Whole Love Expanded. Todd and Tim dissect the album's additional content and its significance, and Todd thinks the demo version of Art of Almost might now be one of his favorite Wilco songs of all time. We know - it's a strong take.

Join Todd and Tim for a lively and insightful episode that blends celebration, nostalgia, and a touch of controversy, all wrapped up in their signature style.

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