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Aug. 16, 2023

Learning How to Die: A Conversation with Greg Kot

Learning How to Die: A Conversation with Greg Kot

In this episode of Shoving Wilco, Todd visits with the venerable rock critic and author Greg Kot to unpack his phenomenal book, "Wilco: Learning How to Die."

In this thought-provoking episode, Greg Kot, known for his insightful commentary on music and culture, shares his firsthand experiences and unique insights into the world of Wilco. "Learning How to Die" isn't just a book about a band; it's a journey through the evolution of Wilco's sound, the struggles they've faced, and the artistry that has defined their career.


Greg Kot was the former rock critic at the Chicago Tribune for 30 years and is cohost of "Sound Opinions"  -- "the world's only rock 'n' roll talk show" -- an independently produced podcast  that airs on more than 150 public-radio stations nationwide. Listen here:

Kot is also the author of seven books, including "Wilco: Learning How to Die," which is available at numerous on-line outlets and independent bookstores, including "Exile in Bookville" in Chicago:

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