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Aug. 29, 2023

"I Was Connected to This Music" Philip Mann on Wilco

In this episode of "Shoving Wilco," Todd Rossnagel visits with special guest Philip Mann to explore the profound connection between Wilco fans and the band's music. They delve into the unique aspects of Wilco's artistic journey and the impact the band has had on its listeners, including Mann. Philip shares his insights on the emotional resonance of Wilco's music and how it has touched the lives of fans across generations.

Philip also takes us to New York City in the days after 9/11 and explores what it was like to see and hear Wilco, live in Central Park. Philip points out that Wilco was never shy then - and has never been shy to this day to speak into grief.

It's all part of Wilco's honesty, a trait Philip talks a lot about in this episode. Particularly the way Jeff Tweedy, the band's lead singer, approaches songwriting, a willingness to address both the positive and challenging aspects of life, such as love, suffering, confusion, and change; all the while, contributing to a deep connection with fans.

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