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Dec. 15, 2023

Ho Ho Ho, More Wilco! A Completely Made Up Wilco Christmas Album

Ho Ho Ho, More Wilco! A Completely Made Up Wilco Christmas Album

Welcome to the Shoving Wilco podcast's special Christmas episode! Join hosts Todd Rossnagel and Tim Arnold as they embark on a festive and imaginative journey, dreaming up a unique Christmas-themed album by Wilco. Yes, Todd and Tim are fully aware that Wilco doesn't have actual Christmas songs, but it's fun to imagine, right?

Todd takes a biblical approach, drawing inspiration from the evocative story of Joseph to curate a playlist that blends these ancient narratives with Wilco's distinct sound and Jeff's imaginative writing. Meanwhile, Tim treats the Christmas album as a thoughtful 'gift' to Wilco fans. He carefully selects a mix of familiar and possibly undiscovered Wilco tracks, repackaging them as a musical present for the holiday season.

This special episode is also a heartfelt thank you to all the loyal listeners of the Shoving Wilco podcast. Thank you for your continued support! We encourage fans to stay tuned for more Shoving Wilco in 2024!

Want to listen to the list? Follow this link to the Spotify playlist.

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