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Oct. 10, 2023

Breaking Down Cousin

Breaking Down Cousin

In this episode, we dive headfirst into Wilco's 13th studio album, "Cousin," a record that's already stirring up quite the buzz in the music world.

Joined by fellow Wilco aficionado and music enthusiast Tim Arnold, we're going to dissect each and every one of the album's ten captivating tracks. "Cousin," produced by the immensely talented Cate Le Bon and released on September 29, 2023, promises to be a pivotal moment in Wilco's illustrious career.

So, if you're ready to unpack the magic, the melodies, and the meaning behind Wilco's latest opus, then grab your headphones, settle in, and let's dive deep into "Cousin" on the "Shoving Wilco" podcast!

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