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Nov. 22, 2023

Ben Dudley on Free Guitars 4 Kids and the Theology of Wilco

Ben Dudley on Free Guitars 4 Kids and the Theology of Wilco

Welcome to another episode of the "Shoving Wilco" podcast. In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome a very special guest, Ben Dudley, with Free Guitars 4 Kids. This incredible organization operates on a powerful belief: every child should be able to experience both the joy and the tangible benefits of owning a musical instrument, regardless of his or her ability to purchase one.

They have partnered with over 20 different nonprofits, schools, churches, and after-school program partners to deliver the gift of music.

Ben's journey is as fascinating as it is inspiring. Before founding "Free Guitars 4 Kids," he served as a pastor and finds the music of Wilco to be incredibly theological. Ben shares more on how Wilco can transcend mere entertainment to touch the spiritual. In fact, Todd and Ben find a way to connect Scripture to the Wilco canon. It's a fascinating conversation and one you won't want to miss.

Don't forget to check out Free Guitars 4 Kids.

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