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July 27, 2023

A Conversation with Paul Suwan, Wilco Superfan, Part 1

A Conversation with Paul Suwan, Wilco Superfan, Part 1

In this episode of Shoving Wilco, host Todd Rossnagel catches up with none other than Paul Suwan, the legendary "Wilco Superfan." Todd and Paul dive into the life and experiences of the man who's been dubbed the most dedicated Wilco enthusiast by none other than Jeff Tweedy himself.

Paul Suwan, a freelance writer and editor, is renowned for his contributions to the Via Chicago forum, a hallowed ground for Wilco fans, where he has shared countless show recaps and setlists over the years. But what truly sets Paul apart is his incredible devotion to the band's live performances – a devotion so profound that even Jeff Tweedy humorously remarked, "Paul has attended more Wilco shows than there have been Wilco shows!"

Learn more about Paul's intimate connection with Wilco. Paul recounts how it all began, sharing heartfelt stories of his early encounters with Wilco's music and pivotal moments, including memorable shows in New York City days after 9-11.

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