April 5, 2023

Episode #33 - Marketing that Makes Sales Easier for Solopreneurs

Episode #33 - Marketing that Makes Sales Easier for Solopreneurs

Does it feel like when you write for your business the messaging seems to lack…personality, differentiation and most importantly - results/sales?

You’re struggling with how to develop those deeper relationships that move the needle - faster. 

Then this latest episode of Sales is Not a Dirty Word is for you. 

Danielle Weil is the copywriter behind many 7 and 8 figure online personalities you know. 

And she has cracked the code on making emotional connections through business easy (I’m serious).

She can literally connect ANY personal story to business in a powerful way that drives conversions…and she shows you how to do it too in this episode. 

Listen in on this episode to discover: 

1. What is the power of emotionally-driven stories in creating strong connections that produce sales?

2. Integrating the 'magic' of universal language and shared human experiences to create connections (and sales)

3. How to easily stand out in the world of AI generated content - and use AI to help make that process easier?

If you want help with what Danielle talks about in this episode, you can find more on her here: https://www.dwcopy.com/subjectlines/