Sales is NOT a Dirty Word

Sales is NOT a Dirty Word

Do you wish you could close more sales than ever before without pain, pressure or pretending to be someone else? Then this is for you.

In this value packed podcast, creator of the Matchmaker Sales method™, Aleasha Bahr, brings on expert guests with refreshing, alternative views on sales and reveals secrets normally only available in her high end 1-on-1 coaching.

Aleasha and her clients regularly convert 80% of their calls and show you how to do the same with the Matchmaker Sales Method™ - because if it's a fit, it's a fact and there's no selling involved.

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Episode #36 :How to Make Your Leads So Hot that You’re Just Taking Orders

June 5, 2023

On your sales calls, do you feel like people need a lot of education on who you are and what you do?  It’s a lot of heavy lifting in one call.    Because then after that you still have “selling” to do - and you’re tired and …

First Short Episode - Sell Like A Natural

May 31, 2023

Have you ever wondered how people who seem to be “natural at sales” do it?  They don’t seem to try, it’s never high pressure, and everyone wants to work with them.  Then this latest episode of Sales is Not a Dirty Word is fo…

Episode #34 - A Unique Way To Generate Hot Leads with An Online Course

May 18, 2023

Are the usual lead gen methods not working for you? You’re either getting no people, the wrong people or they’re not warm enough.  Then this latest podcast episode of Sales is NOT a Dirty Word is for you.  Samantha King, a…

Episode #33 - Marketing that Makes Sales Easier for Solopreneurs

April 5, 2023

Does it feel like when you write for your business the messaging seems to lack…personality, differentiation and most importantly - results/sales? You’re struggling with how to develop those deeper relationships that move the…

Episode #32 - DM Selling Secrets: How To Convert Inbound Leads Into Sales On Social Media

March 6, 2023

Are you a business owner looking to create predictable INBOUND leads? Who also feels like they’re spending time on social media with zero return (so frustrating)? Then this latest episode of Sales is Not a Dirty Word is for …

Episode # 31 - Eliminating Beliefs Holding You Back from Your Productivity & Sales

Feb. 14, 2023

Have you ever tried to implement someone’s productivity, organizational, time management, etc. tips and they don’t work for you? It’s usually because the person teaching that system has never had a problem with productivity…