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Feb. 14, 2023

Episode # 31 - Eliminating Beliefs Holding You Back from Your Productivity & Sales

Episode # 31 - Eliminating Beliefs Holding You Back from Your Productivity & Sales
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Have you ever tried to implement someone’s productivity, organizational, time management, etc.  tips and they don’t work for you?

It’s usually because the person teaching that system has never had a problem with productivity and organization.

And that means that it’s unlike to work for you because - if those skills don’t come naturally to you - your brain is wired differently

That’s what Angela Kristen Taylor realized when she was tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed and in chaos no matter how hard she tried.

She figured out how to personalize her productivity to allow her to homeschool 5 kids, provide dinner for multiple different allergies every night and grow a thriving business with ease.

And she’s helped hundreds of others do the same!

This week on Sales is NOT a Dirty Word “ Eliminating Beliefs Holding You Back from Your Productivity & Sales” we talk to Angela Kristen Taylor, a productivity expert and entrepreneur.

Listen in to discover:

  1. Why your life remains in overwhelm and chaos no matter how hard you try (hint: let’s take a look at childhood)
  2. How to personalize a productivity system to your lifestyle, personality and brain so it WORKS
  3. Live a life free of difficult obligations you dread (sign me up)

If you find you often feel like your schedule is out of your control and it’s overwhelming, please schedule your productivity breakthrough with Angela here: https://productiveflow.as.me/clutterfree

Or visit her website https://angelakristentaylor.com/