June 28, 2022

Episode #25- Cold Calling That Works Without Feeling Gross (Seriously!)

Episode #25- Cold Calling That Works Without Feeling Gross (Seriously!)

Jennifer Frye is the CEO of Appreciated Asset Business Solutions - a done for you cold calling service that sets up appointments with your ideal clients.

Her approach to cold calling - something that normally sounds terrifying - is inspiring, doable and totally shifts the perception of it.

In this episode, discover a refreshing alternative (that works) compared to classic, gross bro cold calling strategies.

Listen in to learn:

  • The important mindset shift that makes cold calling NOT feel like sales (hint: unrelated value & education > the numbers grind)
  • How to position yourself for the richest long term business relationships you can imagine!
  • A clear cold calling plan for success including beginning, middle and end
  • The strategy to turning gate keepers into your best advocates

If you love what Jennifer has to say - and would maybe love to have her represent your company - then I highly recommend going to www.appreciatedasset.com for more.