Sept. 27, 2021

Episode #21: Marketing is NOT a Dirty Word

Episode #21: Marketing is NOT a Dirty Word

Does marketing actually DO anything? Does sales ever stop complaining?

The sales & marketing rivalry is a tale as old as time at any company.

Mike Maynard is the owner of Napier - a 7 figure PR and Marketing company who works with multi-Billion (with a B) dollar companies.

This gives him incredible insight into this age old battle, how much revenue it truly costs companies and, most importantly, how to resolve it so everyone wins.

Listen in to discover:

  • The deceptively destructive marketing & sales strategy larger companies use that ends up costing them millions
  • How to build a bridge to bigger commission checks with your marketing department
  • The best way to set up sales & marketing for smashing sales goals

If you want to chat with Mike about how to build your golden commission bridge with marketing he's generously offered his email - or you can find him on Linkedin