July 19, 2021

Episode #19 - Intuitive Selling

Episode #19 - Intuitive Selling

Sheri Kaye Hoff is an established transformational business coach who specializes in helping people eliminate the blocks holding them back from true success and happiness.

Intuition is a big part of how she coaches her clients - and in my experience it's one of THE most important tools for successful sales conversations!

Like many of us, it took her some time to truly tap into her intuition and trust it.

Listen to this episode to discover:

👉 What mistakes to avoid doing when you first start out selling coaching and consulting (hint: TMI!)

👉 The format Sheri found that wins 80-100% of the people she speaks with (it's got a twist)

👉 How to harness your intuition before a sales call for magical results

If you're not sure how to access your intuition in business or feel stuck where you are then I highly recommend checking out Sheri's free 5 keys to explosive business growth: https://sherikayehoff.com/5-keys-to-explosive-biz-growth-free-training/