Oct. 15, 2020

Episode #17: Successfully Selling During Challenging Times

Episode #17: Successfully Selling During Challenging Times

Steve Benson is a long time top sales pro and creator of Badger Maps - a nifty, useful app that helps field sales people map out more efficient routes based on location of their clients, traffic and errands. 

As you can imagine or if you're in outside sales you're personally experiencing it - the sales climate has changed. 

This doesn't mean no one is selling anything right now - it only means we have to adjust HOW we sell to succeed. 

Looking at different KPIs, taking different approaches and creating new game plans. 

Listen to this episode to learn: 

👉 How to keep your profit margins high during a recession

👉 Where to efficiently focus your time for the most positive sales impact 

👉 Creative ways to win sales during a challenge time

👉 Planning for a BIG sales pay off 

If you're in outside sales or have an outside sales team - Badger Maps quickly and easily pays for itself in time and gas money. Get your free trial here: https://www.badgermapping.com/