Dec. 19, 2019

Episode #12 - Positioning the Perfect Persuasive Pitch

Episode #12 - Positioning the Perfect Persuasive Pitch

Susanna Miles helps professionals productize their expertise for more impact and income online.

Her skill set and experience is extensive...which can often make it difficult to communicate what you do without confusion or overwhelm.

And if you're a marketer then you already know - seeing your own funnel is the toughest.

In this episode you'll learn:

👉 How to tie your offer and skills under one umbrella

👉 When to go deeper on what you'll do for someone

👉 Which parts of your offer to focus on in promotion

You'll love hearing us hash out the details and find yourself seeing how you can apply it to your offer too.

Check out Susanna Miles here for valuable insight on how to brand, package and sell your expertise.