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Questlove Supreme

Questlove Supreme

Questlove Supreme is a fun, irreverent and educational weekly podcast that digs deep into the stories of musical legends and cultural icons in a way that only Questlove and Team Supreme can deliver. Led by Each episode is driven by conversation ranging from the guest’s origins (along with a few never-before-revealed secrets to their success) to their life passions and current projects. This is not your typical interview show. This is about legends and legends in the making bringing their legacy to life in their own words. Previous guests have included Usher, Michelle Obama, Chris Rock, Steve Miller, Maya Rudolph, Weird Al, Chaka Khan, Babyface and many more.

Recent Episodes

June 12, 2024

Black Music Month: Wayne Brady Part 2

In Part 2 of Wayne Brady's in-studio conversation with Questlove Supreme, the world-class entertainer speaks about what his cameo on Chappelle's Show did for his career and image. Wayne also talks about working on a game sho…
June 11, 2024

Introducing: Hip-Hop is History by Questlove

This is a book only Questlove could have written: a perceptive and personal reflection on the first half-century of hip-hop. When hip-hop first emerged in the 1970s, it wasn’t expected to become the cultural force it is toda…
June 5, 2024

Black Music Month: Wayne Brady Part 1

Wayne Brady drops by Questlove Supreme in the studio for an epic two-part interview. In Part 1, Wayne looks back at his upbringing and foray into entertainment. Wayne is charismatic, funny, and still incredibly real as he re…
May 29, 2024


While the world may have been introduced to her as Willow Smith, the artist now known as WILLOW is actively transforming into her most authentic self. In a one-on-one, in-studio interview with Questlove, WILLOW describes the…
May 22, 2024


Weezer's Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson visit QLS in the studio. Ahead of its 30th anniversary Weezer reflects on its famed debut, the blue album. Patrick and Rivers describe their own upbringings, the earliest days of Weez…
May 15, 2024

Adam Levine Part 2

Part 2 of Adam Levine's sitdown with Questlove Supreme features some backstories on Maroon 5 hits and his work with Kanye West. In step with Maroon 5's Las Vegas residency, Adam also speaks about the highs and lows of perfor…