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Questlove Supreme

Questlove Supreme

Questlove Supreme is a fun, irreverent and educational weekly podcast that digs deep into the stories of musical legends and cultural icons in a way that only Questlove and Team Supreme can deliver. Led by Each episode is driven by conversation ranging from the guest’s origins (along with a few never-before-revealed secrets to their success) to their life passions and current projects. This is not your typical interview show. This is about legends and legends in the making bringing their legacy to life in their own words. Previous guests have included Usher, Michelle Obama, Chris Rock, Steve Miller, Maya Rudolph, Weird Al, Chaka Khan, Babyface and many more.

Recent Episodes

April 24, 2024

Erika Alexander Part 1

Actress Erika Alexander joins Questlove Supreme for a special two-part interview. In the first half, Erika recalls an unusual upbringing that brought her from a childhood in a motel room along Route 66 to the city of Philade…
April 17, 2024

Da Beatminerz

QLS gets in the weeds with Mr. Walt and Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz. This free-flowing discussion traces the origins of a very gritty sound and frequency of 1990s Rap production. The two brothers are not above clowing one anot…
April 10, 2024

Narada Michael Walden Part 2

In Part 2 of his Questlove Supreme interview, the musician-turned-super-producer Narada Michael Walden examines the 1980s. He recalls making hits with songstresses like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Angela Bofill, and St…
April 3, 2024

Narada Michael Walden Part 1

Narada Michael Walden has won "Producer Of The Year" at the Grammy Awards. Before he produced monster records for Aretha Franklin, George Michael, Whitney Houston, and others, he was a prolific drummer from Michigan with a d…
March 27, 2024

Fatima Robinson

Fatima Robinson is a world-class dancer and choreographer who has pivoted to directing. You know Fatima's work, from Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time" to the Emmy-winning Dr. Dre-led Superbowl Halftime Show to Beyoncé's …
March 20, 2024


Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Ledisi spends her new album's release day with Questlove Supreme. Ledisi reveals the challenges she has faced as a self-made DIY artist that works in multiple genres as well as stage an…