Feb. 29, 2024

Does More Success REALLY Make You More Happy?

Does More Success REALLY Make You More Happy?

I know A LOT of people who are winning in life and their success doesn't always equate to happiness. On today's episode of the GaryVee Audio Experience, I sit down with the Tino Cochino radio show. It's time we stop associating money with happiness. Enjoy!


-The pursuit of happiness and its disconnection from material success

-The value of simplicity and quality of life

-The impact of fame and money on happinessThe game of life and business

-Financial success vs. happiness

-Cultural and societal expectations

-The perspective of age and youth

-Modern parenting and safety

-Valuing the wisdom of elders

-Selfishness and individualism in modern culture

-The role of negativity and fear

-The importance of love and positivity

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