May 14, 2024

PHILLIP MCKNIGHT Part 2 (sort of)

PHILLIP MCKNIGHT Part 2 (sort of)

Once in a while the Patrons of this podcast tell me that one of the bonus episodes NEEDS to be released publicly, and when Phil McKnight came on late last year that happened again! I received a bunch of messages telling me that this bonus episode should NOT be behind closed doors, and if the Patrons ask I need to deliver.

If you aren't familiar with Phil, he is one of the most successful guitar gear content creators of our time, and has a wealth of knowledge about many aspects of this weird industry. You should definitely listen to his first appearance on the podcast. Just scroll back in your feed a bit, and it'll be there!

So here is the Patreon bonus episode with Phil, and we get down to business on this one. The business of guitar stores, the business of guitar YouTube, the business of guitar brands. You are going to dig it!

Make sure you check out Phil over on his YouTube channel HERE

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