June 10, 2024

Sweaty Ole Stevie w/ Phillip Carter of The 40 Watt Podcast

Sweaty Ole Stevie w/ Phillip Carter of The 40 Watt Podcast

This week I have a long overdue episode out for you with my dude Phillip Carter from The 40 Watt Podcast. Phillip and I have recorded on numerous occasions on both his show, and as guests on The Guitar Nerds.

So I actually knew Phillip's personality pretty well, but what I didn't know was his story, so we dive right into that on this episode!

The conversation covers the topics of self-perception as a musician, redefining success, finding passion, and the art of podcasting. We get into into the mindset of musicians, the concept of success, and the importance of pursuing one's true passion.

Check out Phillip on The 40 Watt Podcast HERE https://40wattpodcast.com/

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