June 17, 2024

Cooking Meth & Chasing Chickens w/ Jack Brunson of Jack's Guitaracheology

Cooking Meth & Chasing Chickens w/ Jack Brunson of Jack's Guitaracheology

On today's episode I'm talking to Jack Brunson, the founder and owner of one the country's raddest guitar stores in the country, Jack's Guitarcheology. We dive right into his story and Jack shares his journey from growing up in rural Kentucky, to working at Mario Guitars and eventually starting his own guitar store.

We chat talk about their eclectic tastes in guitars and the joy of finding unique and unusual gear. Jack also reflects on the challenges and rewards of running a guitar business and offers advice for aspiring guitar store owners.

Guitar stores can become hubs for their local music communities and we discuss the importance of building a community around a music retail store and how important that is to focus on for success in music retail.

Rubber bridges, making the switch to full time self employment, and a whole lot more on this episode. Enjoy!

Check out Jack's website HERE: https://www.jacksguitarcheology.com/

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