May 27, 2024

What Bass Amp To Buy? w/ Joe Branton of Guitar Nerds

What Bass Amp To Buy? w/ Joe Branton of Guitar Nerds

The Mighty Joe Branton has returned to The Tone Mob Podcast! It is a happy occasion indeed!

On this episode, Joe and Blake talk about the evolution of their podcasts and the importance of newer creators finding a niche. (Joe drops some good wisdom on that particular point).

Somehow the dudes also touch on, of all things, SPORTS. (Don't worry, that is short lived.)

Joe shares his current musical inspiration and his band's approach to writing and recording. They also discuss the use of vintage-inspired gear and the dynamics of bass in a band. In this conversation, Joe Branton and Blake discuss their preferences and experiences with bass guitars and amplifiers. They explore the different tones and effects they enjoy, as well as their favorite brands and models. Joe shares his love for vintage bass sounds and his desire to incorporate them into his music.

Joe even goes as far as to help Blake out with a bass centric problem that many guitarists-turned-bassists run into... What bass amp to buy?

All of this and more on this very low-end focused episode of The Tone Mob Podcast!


  • Finding a specific niche can help in breaking into podcasting or any other creative field.
  • Having a passion for the subject matter is crucial for long-term engagement in podcasting.
  • Balancing different interests and projects can be challenging but rewarding.
  • Simplifying gear setups and focusing on dynamics can enhance the overall sound and performance of a band. Finding the right bass tone is crucial for supporting the overall sound of a song.
  • Experimenting with different bass guitars and amplifiers can lead to unique and interesting tones.
  • Vintage bass sounds can add a dynamic and nostalgic element to music.
  • Using plugins and recording techniques can provide flexibility and convenience when recording bass.
  • Ashdown, Ampeg, and Hartke are recommended brands for bass amplifiers.



Introduction and Podcasting


The Evolution of Podcasting and Music


Finding Inspiration and Obsessions


The Dynamics of Bass in a Band


Exploring Bass Tones and Effects


Incorporating Vintage Bass Sounds


The Importance of Bass Tone in a Song


Options for Recording Bass


Recommended Bass Amplifier Brands

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