May 20, 2024

Musical Meditation w/ Mike Love

Musical Meditation w/ Mike Love

Mike Love shares his journey as a musician and how he got into live looping. He talks about the importance of being present and connected with the audience during performances. He also discusses the role of meditation in his music and how it helps him stay focused and centered. Michael emphasizes the power of music to bring people together and create a shared experience. In this conversation, Michael Love discusses the importance of physical, spiritual, and mental health in music. He shares how he incorporates warmups, meditation, and fasting into his routine to stay connected to his music and take care of himself. Michael also reflects on the self-destructive tendencies that many musicians experience and the importance of self-care. He talks about the evolution of his music from arranging for a big band to performing with a stripped-down setup and the impact it has had on his songwriting. Michael also shares details about his upcoming album trilogy and tours.

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  • Being present and connected with the audience is crucial during performances.
  • Meditation helps Michael stay focused and centered while performing.
  • Music has the power to bring people together and create a shared experience. Physical, spiritual, and mental health are interconnected and important for musicians.
  • Taking care of oneself is crucial for sustained creativity and success in music.
  • Arranging for a big band and performing with a stripped-down setup have influenced Michael's songwriting.
  • Looping and using a loop pedal have allowed Michael to create dynamic live performances.
  • Michael's upcoming album trilogy, starting with 'Leaders,' is a culmination of years of work and collaboration.



Introduction and Discovery of Michael Love's Work


The Start of Michael's Musical Journey


Expanding the Pedal Board and Experimenting with Effects


Improving Sound Quality and Control in Live Performances


The Importance of Presence and Energy in Live Shows


Incorporating Meditation into Performances


The Universal Power of Music


The Importance of Health in Music


Navigating Self-Destructive Tendencies


From Big Band Arrangements to Stripped-Down Performances


The Power of Looping in Live Performances


Introducing the Album Trilogy: 'Leaders', 'Teachers', and 'Healers'

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