April 8, 2024

HE FINALLY DID IT! w/ David Greeves of Great Eastern FX

HE FINALLY DID IT! w/ David Greeves of Great Eastern FX

In this episode of the Tone Mob Podcast, host Blake Wyland interviews David Greeves from Great Eastern FX. David shares his background as a music journalist and how he fell into writing about equipment from the gear world. He also discusses his journey into pedal design and the challenges he faced along the way. The conversation covers the inspiration behind the name Great Eastern FX and the launch of the company.

Also in this episode, we get a sneak peek at the XO Variable Crossover pedal and Blake shares a short demo. (A first on this podcast!)

David and Blake discuss the versatility and educational potential of the crossover pedal. Including creating complex effects chains and splitting the signal for different amps. David shares the origin of the pedal and how it evolved from a harmonic tremolo concept. They also discuss the importance of using your ears and understanding frequency ranges in music. The conversation concludes with David's favorite Boss pedal, the TR2 Tremolo, and his favorite kind of pizza.


  • David Greaves started his career as a journalist writing for music magazines before transitioning into pedal design.
  • The inspiration for the name Great Eastern FX came from the Great Eastern Railway Company and the desire to project a sense of establishment and professionalism.
  • The XO Variable Crossover pedal allows users to split their guitar signal into low and high frequency bands, enabling the use of different effects on each frequency range.
  • The XO Variable Crossover pedal offers new creative possibilities for guitarists, allowing them to experiment with different effects on specific frequency ranges.

Sound Bites



Introduction and Background


Getting Started in Music and Pedal Design


Launching Great Eastern Effects


Introducing the XO Variable Crossover Pedal


Blake's Experience with the XO Variable Crossover Pedal


Exploring Different Ways to Use the Pedal


The Versatility of the Crossover Pedal


Excitement for Bass Players


Educational Potential of the Pedal


The Origin of the Pedal


The Importance of Using Your Ears


The Impact of Frequency Ranges


The Complexity of Sound in a Band Context


Designing Pedals for Different Guitarists


The Innovation of Rock and Roll Sound


Favorite Boss Pedal: TR2 Tremolo


Favorite Kind of Pizza: Italian with Artichokes, Ham, and Mushrooms

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