May 6, 2024

Are Bass Players More Important? w/ Mr. Glyn of Mr. Glyn's Pickups

Are Bass Players More Important? w/ Mr. Glyn of Mr. Glyn's Pickups

Are bass players actually more important than guitarists? Do we need to thin out our guitar sound? Do thru-hole pedals sound better than SMT based guitar effect technology? Can you play music using a saw blade?

On this episode Blake and Mr Glyn discuss their current projects and collaborations. We also into the world of guitar pickups, exploring topics such as different core types, the impact of string materials on tone, and the importance of context in shaping a guitar's sound.

We also touch on the psychology of playing expensive guitars and the role of experimentation in finding the right instrument. In this conversation, Mr Glyn discusses his love for guitars, his move to New Zealand, and his experience as a guitar repairer. He shares his passion for different types of pickups and the importance of the magnetic field in shaping the sound.

Oh yeah, and DOOM METAL. We get into that too.

Check out Glyn's work on his website HERE:



Introduction and Current Projects


The Role of Context in Shaping a Guitar's Sound


The Influence of Pickups and the Magnetic Field


Exploring the Genre of Doom Metal


From the UK to New Zealand: A Guitar Journey

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