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Good metal podcast.
Podcast is good. Bad wolves are terrible.

Jg is a good one but I don’t think he has
The first time you have a problem is if you’re going through something and you’re trying something that doesn’t make you

Can I give it 10 stars?
Doc does some of the best interviews with amazing people! There's music he plays that turns you on to bands you may never have listened to before! I've became a huge fan of a couple of bands that have sponsored this show {Royalty Kult} He keeps it real while sharing life experiences, making this podcast one that hits home, makes you think, and is hands down one of the best music related podcasts I've ever heard! If you're reading this, you should go listen to what he has to say!! You won't regret it!!

Two Thumbs Up
Doc is the dude! He’s got jokes and good interviews along with interesting guests. I dig it!

Doc, when the hell are you going to get Jesse Leach or anyone from Killswitch on the podcast? Jesse would be the perfect guest on your show, you know it and I know it.

Awesome variety of guests
I love getting so many different perspectives and stories from all over the industry. Such a good podcast.

This podcast has some awesome stories! Selling tickets, traveling the states, meeting locals and playing those underground shows.... Its cool to hear about bts back in the days and how hard y’all work.

Thoughts below
Fan of the music not his politics

Thumbs Up
Real interesting insight with awesome guests! You da man Doc!

Doc Coyle show rules
love listening to this show while at work and now at home in the new era of the global fallout resistance renaissance, learn a whole lot of stuff from this show about people in kool bands that are in different bands crazy stories from bands from my teenage years and band drama that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else is sometimes kind of funny and stuff so defiantly check it out or the umbrella man will find you

One of my favorites.
Doc is a great interviewer and has good conversations. Very funny and has great guests. I listen to his content on long drives or at work and it makes the time fly by. Thanks for a great podcast.

You bad.
Love ya’, Doc. Thanks for the free entertainment.

Doc has made me better at arguing
The title is kinda goofy but it’s true. I started listening because I grew up on God Forbid and others like them. I kept listening because Doc’s level-headed thoughts about things he doesn’t agree with are really interesting. Now, I find myself using some of the same methods in my own life and being more empathetic. It truly is a great podcast.

Straight up
Doc is far beyond the average musician. Super hard working, focused, and personable. His insight is right on and this podcast is extremely informative to those interested in the struggles of the music industry.

Best metal podcast
Less BS more conversation. Unlike some of the others. Plus these are more personal.

these are great conversations super enjoyable

So great
Doc is a great interviewer. I really love this show.

Love this cast
I really enjoy hearing doc and all his guests going over the music scene I came up in. Awesome to hear all the behind the scenes stuff. 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Xmas morning.
Feels like Xmas morning every time doc drops a new eppie. Pumped. Thanks for the great podcast.

It’s like being in the van with Doc
Doc in 2020! He’s got my vote! His interviews are full of intelligent statements and he gets the most out of his guests. He is candid and unlike most of America he backs up his statements with facts...all in all a great listen! Keep up the great work Doc!

Essential listening for the metal music fan!
Doc is great. He asks great questions and the interviews are thought provoking.
Great content. Always look forward to new episodes.
I love how Doc Coyle invite guest stars on stage and just always has a good attitude and an open mind!

My Favorite Podcast!
Love this show! Doc knows everybody and he gets the best stuff out of everyone he has on the show. Thankful to have a show like this 🙏🏼

Doc Keepin It Real!
I love this show and hearing all these backstories. Really loved the OJ and Robb Flynn episodes. I also find these shows inspiring me to keep up with my music career and be successful. Keep it going!

Love it but would love to see some more diversity
Love the show. My only complaint is it mainly focuses on underground or major INDIE label employees when they do that type of ‘ex-man’ episodes. I would love to see a few people who were a little higher up than just the hardcore food chain! But I would also love to hear some more mid 90’s metalcore guests along with larger acts and artists that ended up being ‘ex-men’ Probably one of my fav podcasts regardless

Doc Coyle Rocks 🤘🏼
Not only is Doc Coyle a great guitarist, he’s totally hilarious and very intelligent. I love this podcast and look forward to every episode.

5 stars
Very original, great questions and interesting dialogues. My suggestion for a guest is Bryan Scott of The Union Underground, Cult to Follow and Into The Fire.

I am new to the whole podcast scene but, so far this is definitely my favorite. Really enjoying all the episodes. Thanks doc. Keep it going.