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It’s tight!

The best...

Great dudes trying to not be grumpy and dusty like me. Love this so much!

Great Time

Really funny. Good takes. Worth your time.

A+ podcast

This is a great podcast with good perceptions/takes on everything. Always looking forward to the next episode and loving the conversations.

Pat Loves Youth Crew

My new favorite podcast. It's also great to hear about how much Patrick loves youth crew and powerviolence!

Great Hardcore Chat

Very enjoyable listen from three hardcore music scene lifers. Recommended if you're missing out on chatting with your friends about the new bands, the old bands, the scene politics, booking shows and fests, and more...

Choppin up about hardcore

This podcast is great for anyone interested or involved with hardcore. It’s essentially listening to the same conversations you have with your friends before & after gigs, but from the perspective of three guys with lots of experience and opinions. I love the podcast and can’t wait to hear more.

love it

new favorite podcast. i love being updated on bands i otherwise would probably miss out on.

Robot Whales

Great podcast with excellent generational hardcore banter.

Bringin' It Down

Perfect podcast for any hardcore kid with a sense of humor and a love of the 'core. No-holds-barred. A great trio of hosts who each bring something unique. Waiting for more axes to grind!


Absolutely fantastic new podcast. An informed, opinionated, and hilarious take on the HxC scene. Pulls no punches. Couldn’t recommend this more. Thx, y’all. My new favorite...

Gimme Gimme Gimme I Want Some More...

About time someone thought of this. Can't wait to listen to more episodes. Bring it.

Str8 Up

If you like Hardcore, listen to a dope podcast

Fun and insightful

Stumbled upon this podcast on Reddit, and I really dig it. If you love any niche genre of music, you know how fun it is to do real deep dives into the bands/albums you love. This podcast delivers on that front while being honest and funny.