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Personal Hardcore Revival
I started skating again at 48 w my children,12 & 8, and as I realized how much I missed the hardcore I used to skate too. The I searched out a podcast. These fellas, being roughly the same age, have brought me up to speed w the current crop and the years I missed being a dirty hippie. The conversation the camaraderie and the knowledge they have is contagious. 5 stars even if hardcore/punk isn’t your thing it’s engaging enough you just may learn something.

Love these dudes!
It sorta doesn’t matter I don’t know a lot of the bands these guys talk about, because I love to hear them talk. Great personalities and have opened me up to the hardcore scene. Keep up the good work.

One of the best
Love tuning in every week. Bob, Tom, and Patrick’s hardcore (and general music) knowledge is mind blowing at times— just straight up encyclopedias. Love the dynamic they have. Anthony (Podioslave Podcast)


Five stars (spell it out)
I’ve been on this Amtrak since, I dunno, maybe day 3, but very early on. And what a great ride it’s been. I think I’m probably not alone in saying this pod helped reinvigorate my love for hardcore, and more importantly, it keeps me up-to-date and excited for new music. There’s no real format, just Pat, Bob, and Tom talking about hardcore. Even if you’re not interested in the subject matter, a lot of the time they’re just shooting the shoot about random whatevers. IMHO, I like it best when they are focused on a topic and go hard, whether it’s taking about a certain year in hardcore, going through a band’s discography, or breaking down a subgenre. So, if you like super nerdy hardcore talk, it’s here. If you like listening to dudes just talk, that’s also here. Certainly worth listening to either way.

Grind axes again
I’ve heard every episode every Tuesday since episode 2, one of the best podcasts period and markedly the best hardcore music podcast. No one’s encyclopedic knowledge and charm is gonna turn me into a Beatles/Led Zeppelin/U2 fan any time soon - but this podcast, until someone else does this good of a job for 3+ years in a row, is THE authority on hardcore.

Pleasurable Transmissions
This here program is alive with pleasure.


Really enjoy this pod. Helps the work day go by. Get into it - Greg Polard

Amazing starting this episode off with Afghan whigs ! Thanks for always turning me on to a new band and keeping me up on new hardcore bands .

The Podcast I didn’t know I needed....
Found A2G roughly 2 months ago and now never miss an episode. I’ve dipped in and out of hardcore since 1995 but now more than ever I find myself listening to the music as A2G has re-inspired me. Pat, Tom and Bob...with their hot takes on music and band culture keep me laughing and coming back. Much respect. Hop on board with their Patreon for even more sick content as well.

Tom, Pat and Bob cover hardcore music past and present, with hilarious “hot takes,” lots of “energy” and plenty of “cheat codes.” Occasionally they pick a year in the past and talk about hardcore records that came out during that year, which I’m particularly fond of. A+

Lots of yes. Best hc conversations. Kickass, honest and hilarious.

Listening to this gets me nostalgic due to the non stop Albany NY talk. I don’t know anything current musically they are talking about but the listening parties can be cool. Also dig the years in hardcore they do. This always brings a smile to my face because it’s more than just a hardcore podcast.

Hardcore for Hardcore
The best podcast that brings together great banter and candid conversations about hardcore of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. If you’re just getting into the world of hardcore music, this podcast is a must listen!

Love it!
Instant 5/5 for talking about Ink & Dagger. Great pod!

I love Drug Church And Hardcore
Why am I just finding out about this podcast? I’m giving a 5 star alone because they mentioned Never Ending Game and I gave a listen and have been hooked since.

Core talk by real core dudes
Listen to guys tell it how it is about hardcore and sometimes other stuff.

Doesn’t get better than this
Long enough to burn through most of my shift, competent hosts that don’t hawk CBD oil (looking @ u Jasta), and some genuine takes from Lil P Cashless, Bob & Tom that get people conversing in REAL life. THE hardcore podcast.

THE hardcore podcast
Would give 10/10 Choco Tacos if I could

I hope neither of these guys ever find true love because I want them to live together forever and do this podcast until the end of time. Hands down the funniest podcast

Bob Tom and Patrick Rule
While their names may sound like the leading cast of a 90s sitcoms rest assured it is just as entertaining as a 90s sitcom. There are twists, there are turns, there are sports related tangents, comic book references only 4 members of their audience will understand, and of course there is Hardcore. It’s fun, fully backed.

Favorite podcast
Look forward to listening every week. Four stars because I just had to listen to three grown men cry and lecture their audience about the right way to vote on a contest. Come on.

The best
This is the best pod cast ever. Patrick is Always the bad cop. He’s neurotic as well. Tom is funny and gives a lot of one-liners which I personally enjoy. And Bob just kind of keeps it all together and keeps it moving. Amazing amazing amazing thank you XOXO Brooklyn

The best hardcore podcast in the world
How does this motley crue do it every episode, taking a wandering and relaxed conversation and churn it into podcast gold? There is a secret alchemy here of forces, insights, and deep nerdery that is hard to deny. Cannot wait each week for a new episode, and I hope the awesome guests just keep coming. Bless up

Turned on to the podcast from my buddy Carlos (No Echo). Great stuff, keep it going!

Spell it out.
These gentlemen are consistently putting out great content to get me through night shifts. Not only do they turn me onto new music, but the long form banter is genuine. High five.

Strap those headphones in or blast the best hardcore podcast on full blast. Nothing can prepare your senses for the experience of listening to three angels lay down the truth on THE #1 hardcore podcast.

Spell it out.
The minutiae that old hardcore kids want discussion of everything related to the hardcore experience. Every episode makes me laugh and want to punch one of the hosts.