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do i have to spell it out for you?

also get that patreon. lil p ka$less is a god.

Strong work.

I can’t say I even agree with 50% of what is said, but this is great. I’m 45 and remember some of the bands discussed fondly, others I don’t know a fn thing about and others I absolutely LOATHE. But, entertaining nonetheless. Awesome job!

Amazing podcast!!!

Super awesome podcast!


Thank you for pulling me into the podcast world! Never been a listener but A2G content was just too interesting to not be sucked in. Now I make time for several because of how excellent A2G is! If you’re into hardcore, especially if you’re and older hardcore head like me (43), there’s something for you here.

I straight up can’t get enough

I listen to this constantly through out my day at work when I’m driving around, I’m always engaged and never bored! Thanks for that and keep it up.

Hardcore for hardcore and Axe to Grind

Found this thru and so glad I did! Just a fantastic listen! Too many items to mention, but discovering new bands, new old bands and just listening in on buddies talk about hardcore is great! As an old dude who always likes this stuff but never realized the depth and breadth of this type of music it is a must listen!!

Your new favorite podcast

“Hardcore adjace”


The only podcast I actually listen to (without a visual). Please make a YouTube and film the episodes if possible! Still the sickest podcast either way. Keep it movin.

good show

good show cheers from malaysia -faraz

Super brilliant

As a casual fan of hardcore music and long time punk niche music fan, this is the greatest podcast around! It’s great to hear this about music I love when I have no one else to talk to about it!

Awaiting the next youth crew revival

Finally a podcast about something important!

Great Podcast for dudes who have been into hardcore or are new to the game

Great podcast. Makes a semi old dude like myself who isn’t actively involved in the hardcore scene, feel like I’m back in the saddle and involved again. And makes me want to check out new music.... thanks dudes keep up the great work.

Excellent podcast not just for hxc insiders

Finally a podcast about hardcore recorded by older gentlemen with intact brain cells, speaking thought out sentences into name brand microphones. The level of quality and intellect in this show is rare in a new podcast so JUMP ON EARLY. Great guests, great hosts and great topics. Let’s all hope they don’t break up and do a reunion episode in four years!

Just 3 gay men

A good time love it

You should give AOQ another chance, Pat.

Great Podcast, really dig the longer episodes that help my work day move faster. Grind more axes!


Best HC podcast going. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Like sitting with my friends at a coffee shop!

I am absolutely addicted to this podcast. Hearing these dudes and others on this pod is like listening to my friends and I’s conversations at our local coffee shops or at shows. I appreciate the diversity in opinions and the honesty as well as their willingness to not only back new bands and appreciate bands of the past. As a 20something year olds right in The middle of the Orange County Hardcore scene in Southern California my friends and I can’t get enough of this pod and we want to start our own. Every time I listen I wish I could jump in to the conversation! If you like Hardcore past and present and everything in between listen to this Pod!!!

Yes. Just yes.

This is such a good podcast with educated opinions on Punk and Hardcore music and I have loved every single episode so far.

Favorite podcast ever

Really fun and enthusiastic group of guys that provoke a lot of thought and discussion about hardcore. Mix of old school, new, and everything in between with tons of bands to check out. Recommend to anyone who likes any type of aggressive music.


......a podcast that speaks for cranky old guys that still love hardcore. I was feeling alone out here and it’s good to know I’m not the only one thinking about this stuff. Really well done and amusing, with some serious discussion too. I’m hooked.

Hell yeah

A must listen to for any hardcore nerd. My most anticipated podcast every week. About time someone gets nerdy and in depth about music instead of boring interviews. Skyline chili still rules.

A good one

I like to listen to this podcast

Great podcast

Definitely enjoy hearing older HC kids perspective on the state of hardcore. The written out of history episode was particularly my favorite. Just wish they would go more in depth on some of these stories.

Great stories and nice perspectives

I love listening to this podcast. I think everyone keeps each other in check on the whole "old guy" thing. Plus I like hearing older people's perspective, especially on new music. I had a question for you guys (don't know if you'll see it on the review but anyway)- Any strong feelings on old NC bands? I think we have some really strong ones, and people from NC tend to really rep older bands from here, but I wanted the perspective of someone who isn't from NC. Keep up the great work!


If you're into hardcore, regardless if you're a teen or old head - this podcast is for you. Easy/fun listen, and the hosts/guests are rad. - Travis STL


Fantastic hardcore podcast. For young and old heads.

This is good

I'm learning a lot

The best podcast about modern hardcore.

... which is weird, because none episodes deep it occurred to me that I spend way more time listening to these guys talking about modern bands than I actually spend listening to the same bands. Thanks for turning me on to Brother and Hardware. Less into Day By Day. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Podcast is great

I don't have a lot of people to talk about this dumb, esoteric, nonsense music scene i love so much so getting to hear these dudes deeply nerd out about it is the next best thing.