April 10, 2023

Shining Your Light with Integrity VS Ego | SFP06

Shining Your Light with Integrity VS Ego | SFP06

In this episode: 

-       The importance of leading with integrity 

-       The responsibility you have when holding someone’s energy and how everyone will hold another’s energy at some point in time

-       The Power of Awareness and what the Shadow of Awareness is

-       How there are divine truths and how they cause dissonance when we fight against them

-       How lack of intention and ego can act like poison to your gifts

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Anastasia Burtnick is a Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Energy Healer, and conduit for Spirit whose mission is to help you see and experience life from a Soul-First perspective, where you lead with you heart, your soul, and your divine gifts while experiencing a blissful and abundant life. 


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