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Love ow they showcast other podcasters and entrepreneures. Kimberly and Miclle as amazing in what they do on this podcast.

Lively and Fun for Sure!
Podapalooza always has something cool and fun to offer! Love the energy and I look forward to many more awesome topics and presenters!

Fun and informative
Great info on all things podcasts in a lively and fun format.

Great entertaining information
The hosts are great and the topics so relevant!!

The hottest place to be!
This is truly the hot spot for anyone looking for the step by step guidelines for building your podcast to a moneymaking venture!

Inspiring and Uplifting
Highly recommend this podcast! Michelle and Kimberley are amazing at providing content in a fun and engaging way. Ideas, motivation, inspiration, and new connections. I’m eager to hear more in the coming episodes!

AMAZING resources, ideas, absolutely incredible people
I am so happy I found Podapalooza. I knew a little about podcasts, but a whole world has opened up for me now. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is literally life and career changing!

The only podcast you need
This is definitely the one stop shop for podcasts. The content and speakers are eclectic and wonderful. Whatever is going on in your life, there’s a podcast for that right here!

Podapalooza is a Must! The absolute only way to get inspired. The absolute way to inspire. ❤️🗣❤️

Delicious fun!
This dynamic duo brings amazingness everywhere they go. Loving the podcasts they’ve gathered. Absolutely love Podapalooza and it is a must attend event.

Podapalooza is Fun!
A place to meet fellow podcasters or find guests. High Energy Founders Michelle Abraham and Kimberly Crowe are the ultimate podcast connectors!

Good show
Awesome podcast!

The Best Podcasts Are HERE!!
I love the Podapalooza podcast! This is a fast way to find the best podcasts with wonderful hosts. I love discovering new podcasts by listening to the Podapalooza Podcast.

This is a great Podcast on a little of everything!
This is a great Podcast on a little about everything! I really enjoyed the parenting podcast and would recommend this to others!

Michelle and Kimberly are magnetic. Podapalooza offers tons of value and is an incredible community if you want to optimize your podcast or guest speaking opportunities on podcasts.

Wonderful Opportunity to Check Out New Podcasters
I can say with experience that Kimberly and Michelle have a fabulous network with some inspiring podcasters. This podcast is a showcase for that network. Oh, and full disclosure, this review is an entry in a contest. No one has influenced my rating or the content of this review.

Love this podcast so entertaining

I always learn so much from Podapalooza and this podcast extends the learning and wisdom from Michelle and their guests. Thanks so much for bringing even more to the Podapalooza experience!

Carlene Kelsey
Great podcast - take a listen Now

Phenomenal Podcast
Michelle and Kimberly are amazing hosts! You won’t want to miss any of the episodes!

This is amazing
They are helping move my biz

High energy
Love this, high energy great content