March 21, 2021

David R Hawkings reveals why I can't is a loss of personal freedom

David R Hawkings reveals why I can't is a loss of personal freedom

Why I can't is closer to I won't and what to do about it

In David R Hawkings book Letting go 

David talks about the unconscious loss of freedom we impose on ourselves when we use the words I can't.

Rather, David encourages us to ask ourselves a bigger question, Why won't I? Behind the bigger question lies our fears underlying I can't.

I know through my experience of drowning in a capsized plane that I can't closed every possible choice I could of had for escape. But moving out of the victim mentality of I can't and into I will, cracked open a video of how to escape a plane that had crashed and overturned in water.

The power of our mind is inescapable if we are willing to open our consciousness to our greatness. The bigger question is what excuse will we use to limit our greatness? in some way; as David says; we have some level of satisfaction in our self imposed excuses. Rather than taking self responsibility and turning on and tuning into our brilliance.

David gives us a template for letting go as well as accepting positiveness into our lives. Or know now that NLP makes letting go easy, no effort other than making the choice to book a service. Or expand your resources with training.

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#NLPcertification #NLPtraining #NLP #Mindsetsystems #NLPcoach Adele's bio: I strive to live the best life possible. I am a survivor of a plane that crashed and flipped in water. That experience of drowning and how I made my escape forever change my belief in what is possible. And our ability to create and choose the life we want is directly related to what we believe.

It took me decades to truly understand the miracle of mindset, I became obsessed with neuroscience. Wanting to understand the power of the mind. If my mind could source information locked deep within my mind, while starved of oxygen. I wanted to know how to access and use that same mind power everyday.  My experience became the driving force of my life purpose.  based on the stuff I now know to be laws of nature, the mind and truth. 

If you are looking for answers, desire expanded choices and abundance in your life, I know from my experience, that it all begins with us. The power lies within your mind. Uncover your greatness? Learn about and release the power of your mind.

Adele Anderson Coaching: train leaders in fearless excellence for all. Providing accredited NLP training and coaching to leaders who are excellence-focussed. You are committed to: influencing maximum potential in you and your team; understandin and leverage different mindset systems for professional and personal growth; develop optimum EQ communication skills; align values in pursuit of excellence for all.

NLP integrates mindset systems, neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics. Neuroscience says, the mind combines and relates experiences within knowable sequences and patterns, or programs that are malleable. Leaders use NLP as easy tools to accellerate learning, install excellence, replace emotional block, manage stress, build influence and negotiate effectively. Expanded creativity, problem-solving strategies and increased life satisfaction are the outcome. Neuro: all sensory activity, to and from the central nervous system; Linguistics: how sensory experience is processed, coded, organized, given meaning, transformed into language.

Leader in Excellence Certification Program
This 10-week virtual training provides NLP certification for leader to up-level skill set in: Negotiation; team building; influential communication; presentation skills; organizational performance; conflict management for:

• Leadership excellence: inspired focus on personal growth, stress and overwhelm reduction for all
• Bridge challenges and conflict for greater confidence and reduced behavioral issues for all
• Learn to negotiate with creativity, clarity, and effectiveness to increase confidence for all
• Strengthen communication; dilute resistance based on understanding individual mindset systems

Program Specifics
Training Dates 2021: Apr14 / Sep 15 / Nov 9 / maximum 20 participants each class.

Ten (10) x 60-minute interactive virtual sessions

Session 1: Introduction to NLP Brain Technology

Session 2: Sensory Sharpening Practices

Session 3: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Communication

Session 4: Negotiating Interactions

Session 5: A Perspective of Excellence

Session 6: Fear Busting Techniques

Session 7: Verbal and Non-Verbal Influencers

Session 8: Resolve Criticism, Build Self Confidence

Tuition: 1997 +gst per person 

Session 9: Powerful EQ choices for Solutions

Session 10: Review for Exam Certification

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