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Relatable and Eye opening!!
Found this podcast on the Christian’s who curse sometimes insta page and listened to several episodes like how to be more loving to the lgbtq community etc. love it!! Really helped me out and showed me that I really need to do some studying on my part bc there’s a lot of areas in my life where i need to figure what I believe. I love how he treats all these sensitive topics as “hey we’re all Christian’s, we all love Christ, we’ve accepted him and want to worship him so anything else, any other theological debates, are secondary to the fact that we’re the whole body of Christ” and I just really enjoy that… and I’m not even a big podcast listener!! Keep doing what you’re doing! I wish we Christians could be more loving with each other and with the world cuz it’s so heartbreaking to see us collectively be made fun of bc we are literally very hateful at times. Thank you for addressing these aspects of the faith!

Speaking truth in uncertain times
I had the pleasure of listening to Matt’s latest podcast titled “A Candid Conversation About Spiritual Gifts in the Church w/ Paul Olliges.” It was great because there were two “opposing” sides to the argument of speaking in tongues. Not only do they speak to each other in a civilized manner, but they spoke truth and quoted many verses backing their beliefs, while also having a sense of humor about the topic. Definitely recommend listening to this podcast.

Common ground found <3
I listened to the “can women be pastors” podcast, and I just wanna say I loved it❤️ I have my own very strong options but I really enjoyed listening to this conversation. When I started playing it I doubted I would be able to get through the whole thing but I did! My mom (who has a different view than me) joined halfway through and we were actually able to talk about this subject for the first time without yelling at each other.

Don't call yourself a Christian If You Don't listen to this
If you have a sense of humor but also are serious about your faith this is THE podcast for you. Matt balances hard hitting questions with an incredible sense of humor and laughing at the weirdness that is Christian culture.

Biblical and nuanced
Matt interviews fantastic guests, he is Biblically grounded, but is still humble enough to talk to and learn from those with different perspectives. Highly recommended.

Christian podcast for every type of Christian
Just like the Facebook group Matt Matias and Michael Schaffer have cultivated a safe space for all in the Christian spectrum. Learning so much about the beautifully diverse tapestry that makes up the body of Christ. 🏓💙🤙🏼

Best Podcast Ever
I literally love the Memes For Jesus Podcast so much, like it has literally changed my life like it literally made me want to be a memer and this is just a glowing review because this podcast has brought me so much joy and you should definitely listen because it will literally change your life like you will never be the same again and you will want to make memes too and start podcasts too and you will love just listening to Matt and Michael’s voices for hours, it will just be so much fun you seriously should listen right now, I don’t even know what you’re waiting for, what are you even doing? Just start listening to the podcast right now, you won’t regret it man I promise just press play and listen to the podcast, man.

Memes for Jesus Saved My Life!
This podcast is the perfect replacement for going to church! I used to waste my time attending services and listening to preachers. Now I sleep in on Sundays and listen to the latest episode of God’s gift to podcasting. Matt and Michael’s soothing voices provide the perfect backdrop for groundbreaking interviews and heart-changing dialogues about everything from card games to Bionicles. Thank you guys, for making my life worth living!

Are your thumbs tired?
How can your thumbs be tired? You don’t have to hit all the stars, just the one on the right. Yeah, that 5th one. *Tap* See? Zero effort. This show is amazing! So funny. I miss being able to laugh in church. Thanks to everyone involved.

It’s my own pod
I’m literally rating my own podcast right now because I have nothing better to do at 10:35pm

they funny just listen

Awesome podcast
Proving that God gave us a sense of humor.

SO GOOD!!! Thanks for making me laugh an unhealthy amount.

The podcast
Potatoes and bananas

Love from Matt’s mom❣️
This podcast is an interesting mixture of spiritual, silly and stirring talks. I’ve enjoyed listening to you guys and all your great guests. Thanks Matt and Mike for sharing the fun and laughter. Many blessings to you and everyone of your listeners. Cinco estrellas ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

I hate this podcast so much. Such a snooze fest. They need to interview Lecrae, Mineo, and Hulvey in one episode, and then Tobe Nwigwe to find out what the heck his music is a about.

Matt & Mike 🔥🔥🔥
These guys never fail to make me laugh. They could be reading biblical genealogies and they’d make it interesting. Great work guys!

Awesome Dating Arc
I have loved listening to your discussions on dating and relationships. In my opinion, Kait Warman had the clearest and most concise analysis and description of what a healthy relationship could be. And for Michael, Bionicals are awesome. Don’t ever let people tell you otherwise.

Potatoes and bananas and other words we wont say

10/10 would listen
Love this podcast- great content, dialogue and editing/production. I really appreciate how Mike and Matt allow their guests to talk and articulate their ideas instead of talking over them and listening to themselves speak.

Quality Pod!
This is one quality pod! 6/5 stars! 🙌

It makes me feel good
I am a single Christian Pastor. I know, that is basically another name for solitary confinement... it’s okay. Often times I can get to be feeling pretty lonesome as I navigate the power dynamics of being a pastor and trying to date and generally being unattractive as I live by myself. But there is one thing that makes that burden much less burdensome. The Memes for Jesus podcast where I can feel some solidarity in my singleness as my main man Mike doesn't shy away from the fact that he too is hopelessly single. It makes me feel better to know that someone else feels that pain, and I can laugh/cry right along listening to great hosts and guests talk about navigating Christianity and creating content for the world.

No one asked
It’s amazing

Awesome luv Jesus luv Memes
Awesome! Fusing 2 amazing things Jesus and memes all being stirred into the perfect 5 star soup

Wifey Review
Five star review from Wifey

I didn’t ask for this