MemeLord Monday

Season 6

July 17, 2023

I'll be back 😎

I'm expecting my second child to be born any day now so I'm talking a short break from the podcast. Pray for me and be on the look out for bonus/archived episodes while I'm away! If you want to support …

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July 5, 2023

What Christians Need to Know About the Trans Community

On this podcast I've had conversations in the past with people in the LGBTQ Community in an effort to learn from them and see how we can reconcile with unaffirming Christians. On this episode I interview my friend, one of …

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June 12, 2023

When I Lost My Faith: My Reconstruction Story pt.2

This is the story of when and how I lost my faith... and this episode is how I came back to it. Here I talk about the people and steps involved with how I came back to Christianity. Thanks so …

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June 5, 2023

When I Lost My Faith: My Deconstruction Story pt.1

This is it. This is when and how I lost my faith... this is the super vulnerable and transparent story that some of you asked for. Part 2 coming next week. If you want to see more episodes more often, …

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May 9, 2023

Can God Use Memes?? w/ Hannah Crews

SUPPORT THE SHOW: Hannah Crews is a hilarious Christian creator who shares her thoughts about being joyful online. On this super fun episode we goof off but also talk about being intentional abou...

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April 18, 2023

*BONUS* The Next VeggieTales?! w/Chaz Smith

My friend and Vine Legend Chaz Smith has been working on an animated Bible series that looks and sounds like everything I've ever wanted from a Christian series! Check out this episode and how Chaz is trying to change the …

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April 7, 2023

How to Teach Your Kids About Christianity Without Indoctrinating Them…

It's a common modern talking point these days to say that teaching your children about your faith is a form of indoctrination. Is this true though? Joining me on this episode is my friend Joel Settecase of The Think Institut...

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Feb. 15, 2023

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Proves God Exists w/ Than Christopoulos (Explor…

Joining me on the show today is my friend Than Christopoulos of Exploring Reality. Than is an apologist that isn't your normal pop level apologist. He introduced me to more advanced arguments and proofs for God's existence ...

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Feb. 7, 2023

::BONUS:: Christianity Q&A w/Inspiring Philosophy!

I had the honor of hosting a LIVE Q&A with @InspiringPhilosophy on my main channel @MemesforJesus Instagram. This live was extremely helpful for me and the viewers and I know you'll enjoy it as well. Support IP: https://inspi...

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Jan. 24, 2023

Will Artificial Intelligence Have A Soul?

Joining me on the show today is Parker Settecase of @ParkersPensees ! Parker has an amazing podcast where he interviews the greatest philosophers alive and asks them questions like, "do robots have souls?" or "What would hap...

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Jan. 10, 2023

My Life is In Absolute Chaos

MemeLord Monday is BACK in 2023!! Tonights stream is going to be a brief update on the eleventy-billion things that happened in the past few weeks! GOFUNDME LINK: SUPPORT OUR ANIMATOR: https://anima...

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Dec. 13, 2022

MemeLord Monday Christmas/New Year Update

Taking a break from the podcast for a few weeks! I'll be back soon :) EMAIL ME: Get The BEST audio & video editor - DESCRIPT: Get AMAZING 4K video & audio recor...

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Dec. 6, 2022

Wait... That's Illegal-ism

Legalism. What the h*ck is it? How do you know you're being a legalist? What about going the other direction and being hyper-grace antinomian freak of nature? What do these words even mean? Tune in, roast me, ask question...

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Nov. 22, 2022

How Based is TOO Based?

In this video, I ask the question, "Should we care what the world thinks of Christians?" As Christians, we should care what the world thinks of us, right? Right?? I mean, if the world hates us, we're doing something wrong. …

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Nov. 15, 2022

Who Put The Demons in Your Home Bro?

In this episode, I'm reacting to some videos about "cleansing evil presences out of your home". Is this legit? Should we really be doing this? Let me know what you think after hearing my thoughts. Email me! memelordmonday@...

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Nov. 10, 2022

Manners? Never Heard of Her

In this episode, we're asking the question: Should Christians have manners? After all, isn't it biblical? In this stream, I'll discuss why manners are important and what the Bible has to say about them. Obviously, there's a l...

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Nov. 2, 2022

Halloween and... Motherhood?!

Should Christians celebrate halloween? Wherever you land, let's agree that John Ramirez is definitely buggin lol. Also, did Alley Beth Stuckey went too far? Check out my Matt Rant. Tell me your thoughts : memelordmonday@gm...

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Oct. 26, 2022

My Villain Origin Story

**AUDIO EPISODES WILL NOW BE PUBLISHED ON TUESDAYS** On this episode I will get into who I am and what I do. My villain origin story ;) There's also a new format for the show! Join me LIVE Monday's @ …

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