MemeLord Monday


Ever seen a meme that made you laugh and also think deeply about a subject at the same time?  What if it was a Christian meme?

I'm Matt, one of the creators for the first ever Christian social media meme pages on the internet, Memes for Jesus.  We grew those meme pages to over 900k total followers and we dealt with a lot of online Christians.  Through comments and DMs I discovered that a lot of people don't really know what Christians even believe.

So on this podcast I talk or I interview my Christian creator friends and use my weird sense of humor to explore the many views within Christianity.  My hope is that I do this in a way that welcomes discussion and learning and not polarized thinking and division. 

Tune in and learn how to be a Christian MemeLord so that you'll never be caught off guard at Thanksgiving dinner by your crazy Uncle's claims about Christianity ever again.

- Matt Matias

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