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Let's Talk About It!

Let's Talk About It!

Welcome to the “Let’s Talk About It” Podcast! The Podcast that empowers and develops you to stretch your mindset so you can live your life on purpose for Christ. Who is this Podcast for? Anyone! If you want to grow more in your Faith, you’re in the right place. If you’re uncertain and have Questions about your Faith, this is definitely for you!

I and my guest discuss several timely topics and incorporate how we can approach them from a Christ centered view. You’ll be challenged to be the person God has called you to be, while not sacrificing the integrity of your faith. If you’re looking to be encouraged and empowered to live out your faith in practical ways, this is the place for you.

If you want to hit me up, I can be found on Instagram @markkbenton2. Can’t wait to grow and learn with you!

Recent Episodes

Feb. 23, 2024


Marriage is more than a compromise, it's also sacrifice. In this episode we talk about reasons we got married, the gifts and benefits of it, our challenges, our top 3 lessons learned in marriage and discuss dating, singlenes…
Jan. 19, 2024


There are 2 things every single person on the planet not only craves but needs and that's ATTACHMENT & AUTHENTICITY (in that order). If we want to have Healthy Thriving Relationships (with family, friends, our spouse, dating…
Jan. 1, 2024

74. REFOCUS IN 2024!

As we step into the New Year, here are 3 areas of focus to step into when it comes to 2024. 1. "Who" Goal before a "Do" Goal 2. Have a Stretch Goal 3. Implement S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals To watch or listen to the previous episode…
Dec. 15, 2023


Every year we like to pause and reflect on the past year and address what we've learned so we can continue to live more intentional going into the New Year. These are questions we think would also add value to you and your f…
Nov. 17, 2023

72. HAPPY 3 YEARS TO THE POD! - Vulnerability, Healing & Growth

It's the 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE POD! We get pretty raw and vulnerable with what the Lord has done in our lives personally so we talk about Vulnerability, Reflection, Healing, Growth and what it truly looks like to allow G…
Oct. 20, 2023

71. Q&A on... Marriage, Relationships, Church, Confidence vs. Humbleness and more!

This is our 2nd VLOG where we answer YOUR Questions! We talk about Church, Marriage, Relationships, Conflict Management, remaining Humble and so much more! We officially have our 1st MERCH! We have designed and dropped our 1…