April 29, 2023

Mark Robson with the Big BBQ and Grill Show for Summer 2023 – HGG570

Mark Robson with the Big BBQ and Grill Show for Summer 2023 – HGG570

Summer is a time for outdoor activities, and one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather is to fire up the grill. For many, grilling is an essential part of the summer season, providing a delicious way to cook food and to bring friends and family to...

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Home Gadget Geeks
Mark Robson joins me this week. On the program, we talk about how to get your grills ready for the summer months and Mark shares some mouth-watering pictures of his latest culinary creations. Be warned, listening to this show on an empty stomach may cause intense hunger pangs. Thanks for listening!

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Show Segments:
[00:01:26] Coffee preferences.
[00:04:12] Barbecue for 7 years.
[00:09:45] Grilling becoming increasingly expensive.
[00:10:32] Spring grill cleaning tips.
[00:14:31] Cleaning a grill with mice.
[00:18:50] Grill technology plateaued.
[00:21:01] Grilling tools and accessories.
[00:24:37] BBQ maintenance tips.
[00:28:23] The rise of expensive grills.
[00:31:00] Electric power grills.
[00:34:22] Whole hog pulled pork.
[00:39:01] Freezing and storing pulled pork.
[00:43:32] Making beef jerky at home.
[00:44:31] Homemade smoked jerky and cheese.
[00:47:57] Vacuum Sealing for Sous Vide.
[00:51:08] Cooked bacon in a bag.
[00:54:15] Tacos al pastor.
[00:57:49] Grilling corn creatively.
[01:01:29] Baloney taste test.
[01:04:40] Grinding meat tips.
[01:07:53] Beef bacon and brisket leftovers.
[01:11:28] Barbecue cooking tips.
[01:14:37] Delicious bacon cravings.
[01:16:55] Star Wars-themed next week.
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Grilling and barbecuing are some of the most popular ways to cook food, especially during the summer months. It’s a fun and tasty way to spend time with family and friends, but it’s important to practice safe grilling and BBQ techniques to prevent accidents and injuries. In this article,