Allison Jornlin

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Paranormal Author and Investigator

Allison Jornlin has been investigating strange phenomena for more than twenty years. She developed Milwaukee's first haunted history tour in 2008. Since then Allison has led numerous tours and presented talks on a variety of Fortean topics- poltergeists, fairies, UFOs, cryptids, demonic possession, etc. Allison currently works as a professional weirdo, writing articles for a variety of publications, developing haunted history tours for, and awaiting the birth of her first book.

Nov. 12, 2021

Paranormal Women- A Hidden History with Allison Jornlin

Joining me today is Allison Jornlin a leading haunted history researcher, Fortean researcher, writer and spooky history tour guide in Milwaukee to discuss how women were largely responsible for building the foundations of par...

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