Oct. 26, 2023

Things we have learned about investing, stock markets and life.

A review of things we have learned about investing, wealth management, financial planning and life over the past quarter century we have spent working in the investment industry.

  • Don’t get caught up in shiny objects or the hot topic of the day, what is trending can easily change. Ignore the noise and always ignore the headlines.
  • Focus on the things that work, such as having a proper asset allocation, making sure you are diversified and keeping your financial plan up to date so you can keep track of your goals.
  • Everything goes in cycles. When things appear to be at their worst the expected return is at its highest. If the markets are down, your portfolio will be down. If the markets are up, your portfolio will be up. Don't abandon your plan when things are not going your way, you set your goals for a reason. 
  • Human nature is unavoidable, you will make bad decisions, good decisions, and average decisions.
  • Most people don’t get rich by only being invested in the stock market, have a savings strategy instead. 
  • Stay invested and stick to your plan, even when its hard. 
  • Have someone to talk through your decisions with.
  • If something sounds too good to be true it most likely is.
  • Stop worrying about what things your friends or neighbors have.
  • Never skip leg day, your health is just as important than your wealth.

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Stay happy, stay safe, stay well!


The CM Group