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Join us on the Free Lunch podcast, where we delve into educational content covering investing, savings strategies, financial planning, and all essential topics that demand careful planning, financial resources, and time. Tune in for new episodes every week, available on all major listening platforms.

The Free Lunch Podcast is hosted by The CM Group a wealth management team that has been working with investors since 1985. We are deeply rooted in an evidence-based investment strategy, focusing on asset allocation and proper diversification so that you can get the most out of your free lunch.

At the core of our investment philosophy, you will find these principles:
-Markets Are Efficient and Work over Time
-Successful Investing Results from a Long-Term Disciplined Approach
-Fear and Greed Degrade Portfolio Returns
-Costs Make a Difference
-Portfolio Diversification Reduces Risk

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Recent Episodes

July 17, 2024

12 Steps to Investing Mini-Series Part 2

In today’s episode Greg and Colin carry on with the 12 Steps to Investing Mini-series. Today we are looking at market timing, star fund managers, and style drift. Enjoy the show!
July 10, 2024

12 Steps to Investing mini-series – Episode 1

In today’s episode Greg and Colin start a new mini-series on the 12 steps to better investing. Starting with Active vs Passive, the science of investing, and Stock Picking. Enjoy the show!
July 3, 2024

Take a Mulligan

What do golf, investments, and well-being have in common? Listen in to find out more and Greg and Colin discuss the concept of taking a mulligan. Enjoy the show!
June 26, 2024

Lottery Tickets & Travel Medical Insurance

Do you buy medical insurance before you travel? What about trip cancellation insurance? What do these have to do with playing the lottery? Listen in to find out more and enjoy the show!
June 19, 2024

Coaching & the ABC’s of Health & Wealth

In today’s episode Colin and Karyn talk about the benefits of coaching. What are the ABC’s of health and wealth? Listen in to find out more and enjoy the show!
June 12, 2024

Introducing Karyn, discussing Health & Wealth

In today’s episode we introduce Karyn Silenzi, our most recent team member to join The CM Group. Karyn has an interesting background in health and fitness along with financial planning. Listen in to find out more about how t…

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Is It Better to Max Out an RESP Early, Front-Load Contributions, or Spread Them Out?

When planning for your child's post-secondary education in Canada, the Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a powerful tool. The decision on how to fund this account—whether to max out your RESP early, front-load contributions, or sprea…

The Value of Travel Medical Insurance and Trip Cancellation Insurance: A Financial Expert's Perspective

Traveling offers incredible experiences, whether for leisure, business, or adventure. On the latest episode of The Free Lunch Podcast, Portfolio Managers Colin Andrews and Greg Kraminsky discuss the importance of travel medical insurance and trip ca…

About the Hosts

Colin Andrews Profile Photo

Colin Andrews

Sr. Wealth Advisor, Sr. Portfolio Manager

Colin Andrews is a Portfolio Manager and operates as the business leader for The CM Group. He is a dedicated believer in a long-term approach to building and protecting wealth, offering high net worth individuals and their families investment advice since 1999. Colin holds both the Chartered Investment Manager designation (CIM) and Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI). The recipient of innumerable performance recognition awards, Colin has been both nominated and named advisor of the year by a leading brokerage firm.

Originally from Saskatoon, Colin studied economics at the University of Saskatchewan and completed his MBA in Leadership at Royal Roads University in Victoria. Colin believes in the importance of life-long learning and enjoys spending time pursuing educational activities.

When not at the office Colin enjoys spending time with his wife Leanna and their children Kaelan and Ava. Spending time as a family getting out to the mountains in the summer and being at a cold hockey rink or basketball court in the winter.

If you asked Colin he might tell you that he has too many interests- working on Spanish, learning how to play a guitar, golfing and biking in the summer, and playing hockey and skiing in the winter.

Greg Kraminsky Profile Photo

Greg Kraminsky

Sr. Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager

Greg Kraminsky is a Portfolio Manager with the CM Group, and is the senior member of our team. Greg holds an M.Sc. from the University of Alberta, and has been working with individual and corporate clients to create a positive investment experience since 1996. Greg’s background in science has led him to an evidence-based approach to the Wealth Management process, which drives planning and investing decisions based on data and factual information rather than emotions and speculation. Greg’s objective is to help our clients achieve their financial goals with peace of mind.

Outside of the office Greg spends his time with his wife Ellen and children Mikaela, Gabriel and Aaliyah, not to mention a menagerie of furry friends.

Blair Howell Profile Photo

Blair Howell

Sr. Wealth Advisor, Associate Portfolio Manager

Blair Howell joined the CM group in 2017, bringing 15 years of experience in the financial industry to our clients. He takes pride in his ability to ascertain our clients’ deepest values, building on them to better meet their unique — and often complex — financial objectives. Blair is a graduate of the University of Calgary and holds both the Certified Financial Planning and the Chartered Investment Manager designation.

Blair works hard to provide the very best service for our clients. His purpose is to keep our clients’ financial goals on track. He is skilled at relating genuinely to people of vastly different backgrounds and experiences. Blair focuses on supporting clients in working toward their dreams by assessing, monitoring and refining their financial plan as their lives — and goals — evolve.

In his free time, you will find Blair coaching hockey or soccer or driving from one kid’s activity to another. When not volunteering, he enjoys playing hockey or heading out to the golf course, always entertaining his teammates and friends with witty banter and a well-timed joke. An ideal day for Blair is spent at a lake or hiking with his wife Laura and their two children Avery and Parker.

Steven Molina Profile Photo

Steven Molina

Sr. Wealth Advisor, Associate Portfolio Manager

Steven Molina is an Investment Advisor with the CM Group. He joined the team in 1998 and holds the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation.

Conservative and consultative, he has provided a large and growing contingent of CM Group clients with financial advice and investment counsel based on an acute understanding of their immediate and long-term objectives and needs. Above all, Steven recognizes that an individual’s financial expectations and requirements vary throughout life and that, inevitably, wealth goals evolve over time.

In his downtime, Steven enjoys spending time with his wife Ann and his children Braydon, Nicholas, Matthew and Ava. He likes to stay active and is focused on living a healthy lifestyle.

Karyn Silenzi Profile Photo

Karyn Silenzi

Wealth Management Services

For Karyn Silenzi, fostering client-centered relationships is not just a professional duty—it's a core principle that guides her every interaction.

She began her wealth management career back in 1996 where she worked with all types of clients in the banks and investment firms over the years. After taking some time off to focus on raising her children, Karyn is back in the industry, excited to focus on the needs of individuals looking to help build and preserve their wealth.

As a devoted mother to two vibrant teenage boys, a supportive wife, and the owner of a cherished chocolate lab, she values connecting with family and friends. When not actively cheering for her children at basketball and volleyball events, Karyn is seeking adventure, whether it's navigating mountain trails on her bike or exploring the picturesque landscapes of Southern Alberta.

With Karyn Silenzi as a wealth management partner, you're forging a collaborative alliance rooted in trust, integrity, and a shared commitment to securing your financial future.