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Fish Nerds? More like fish Jocks!
I am addicted. Please do two shows a week!

the best fishing podcast
At first I was a bit put off by the low sound quality and almost turned it off, but something about the wit and charisma of this angler duo kept me interested. Before long I was laughing out loud in my car and saying to myself, these guys have got "IT"! I haven't actually learned anything about fishing from Dave & Clay, but I don't care because they are so funny and have a genuine down to earth charm, "folksy" one might even call it. Don't give up on Dave & clay just because they can't afford good microphones!

Fish talk...
It's hard to tell if these two have more fun on their actual adventures or while retelling them to their listeners. The witty banter makes for a fishing show reminiscent of car talk. Informative and fun, perfect or a long commute.

I peed myself listening to this podcast
It might have been coincidence. Or it might have been that I just couldn't get to the middle of the lobster boat in time. You need to listen to this for anything in life to make sense.

Great podcast!
This is a very funny couple of good guys who like to fish and have some fun on the water. This podcast is "wonder"full and I was wondering, if I pray hard enough, do I really have to wait the 5 hours before using my wonder boner?

Great podcast guys! I'm from Texas & have no idea what y'all are talking about half the time but I've enjoyed listening. I guess us Fish Nerds are the same no matter what we are catching. Keep it up!

Love the Nerds!
Clay and Dave are awesome! If you're like me and don't catch allot if fish you'll love these guys! They are not afraid to talk about their failures of their Catch Em' All quest and joke about it. The locker room humor is just starting to blossom which is great! Keep up the good work guys. I look forward to each new podcast to make my commute more bearable.

You guys are great!
I am so glad I found this podcast. Fish Nerds is fantastic!

If Patrick F. McManus knew how to podcast...
Dave and Clay take time out of their busy fishing schedule to enlighten the rest of the world on why bass fisherman need cigar boats and using nudism to protect your favorite fishing hole. A fun listen! Check it out!

Lord Of The Universe
These guys are great. Lots of fun to listen to. Lots of great stuff in here. I'm not just saying it because I'm the Lord of the Universe. I'm saying it because it's all true.

Dave & Clay are two crazy guys but entertaining. This is fun to listen to. Keep it up!!!!

Fishnerds are fun
Love the Fish Nerds, these are two dopey guys from NH having a great time talking about their fishing adventures...they fish for and eat every species of fish and interview other fish nerds... Funny smart entertainment! They are like if the car guys went fishing with Betty Crocker!