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Makes fishing fun
I am not a fisherman. But these nerds make it fun and make me want to be a fisherman. As long as I don't have to eat any of their fishes, I'm happy!

Fishing should be fun!
I've listened to a few other podcasts about fishing. The thing is, some people take fishing WAY too seriously. Dave and Clay, on the other hand, are clearly having fun, both fishing and podcasting. The fact that they ate shiners in pursuit of a pointless but entertaining quest is all you really need to know about this show. In amongst all the serious discussions about tackle, tactics and conservation we should never forget why most of us started fishing in the first place as kids: fun. So tune in and listen to thrilling stories of Clay not catching fish, Dave's crowning glory catfish, and Doc Martin dropping some science.

Great podcast!
Awesome podcast! Friend told me about it and I love it. Very informative and also funny as hell!!!!

Brilliantly Entertaining
Dave & Clay are the real deal! Genuinely nerdy and brilliantly entertaining. This podcast keeps my mind occupied during my 1 hour commute! The guys are very well plugged into the fishing community. They provide wicked excellent information and work with great guests. If you aren't a Fish Nerd, you are truly missing out!

Mr John Lavoie
Great show! Informative, funny, entertaining! These guys know fishing!

I was looking for fishing tips.....but I got so much more than expected. These guys keep me laughing while teaching me things I didn't know I wanted to learn. Whether you fish or not, you'll get hooked on Fish Nerds!

Just good, honest fishing talk!

Fishing Nerds
This is a great pod cast for any one that enjoys fishing. Dave and Clay are funny and provide great tips to new fishermen. They have great segments like "fish in the news" and "stump the fish nerds" both of which I look forward to hearing on each podcast. Also hearing about thier quest is great.

Two great guys!!! Nice seeing you at the Fish and Game Expo!

Most Entertaining Fishing Podcast Ever!!
Have just listened to the last 4 episodes but this is fast becoming one of my favorite podcasts. The guys are funny and entertaining. I enjoy all the different segments, like Stump the Fish Nerds and Fish in the News. Definitely give this podcast a try!

Funny and fish
These guys are great. The longer you listen the funnier it gets.

Great Charisma
I found Fish Nerds on Facebook and then was led to their I-Tunes podcast. I'm glad I found them. Their humor is contagious, have really enjoyed listening to. If they ever come fishing in East TN, I would realy like to meet them in person. Good Luck Dave & Clay.

Best podcast ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
The fish nerds are hilarious. They are informative yet super funny. I called in and they gave me a perfect answer. This is the best podcast I've ever listened to. Keep on creating funny and informative podcasts Dave and Clay! P.S which one has a beard in the picture?

From San Jose, CA
I Heard you guys on WGF's podcast. So I thought I'd check you guys out. From what I've heard so far I'm digging it. I look forward to listening to all your podcast! Tight Lines!

Best Podcast Evah
By far the best podcast. You guys are a riot and the fishing information is a plus! Keep it up guys. Thanks for the laughs and tips!

Love this show!!!!🎣
Best fishing podcast on iTunes! Great concept!

Fishy news
After listening to the podcasts, I can say I like the topics and the range... It's interesting to hear the many things that come up... Thanks for making my Ipod that much more fun to You guys rock...!!!

In my opinion
I have never written a podcast review before but for some reason I really want some fish nerds stickers for my boat and tackle box so here goes nothing. If you like to fish and think about fishing you mite like this show. I have heard fishing podcasts with more useful tips but they are usually very boring, this show is the opposite of that, by which I mean no real useful tips but there is funny banter keeping it interesting. I have enjoyed listening while eagerly awaiting the warm weather and the start of some real fishing here in Pennsylvania.

Best Fishing Podcast Out There
These guys cover a lot of topics and keep things moving with interesting stories and topics. Something for everybody who likes to fish. Entertaining through and through.

Fishnerd nation
What a great pod cast. Fun and informative. Keep up the good work dave and clay

Listening Gold!
These guys are awesome! Some funny stuff and still useful at that same time! I only hope my show is as good! Thanks guys!

The Car Talk of Fishing Shows!
Have you ever listened to the show car talk? These guys are like the car talk guys of the fishing industry! They know stuff, but don't take things too seriously. They are constantly cracking jokes and laughing at each other and themselves. I always find myself busting up at multiple times throughout an episode. On top of that they always share valuable fishing info! Give them a listen! If like laughing, fun, and fishing then you will love this show!

You'll want to listen to this
My favorite podcast. Keeps me wanting more. Always laugh and am always entertained.

A podcast not to be missed.
The fish nerds are great guys. The podcast is hilarious and informative. The best thing since Car Talk.

Fish nerds are great !!!!

Very entertaining! Worth the listen.
Check these guys out. Hilarious and informative.

Love it!
The last podcast had me laughing for like 10 minutes! Good job!

Started listening because my girlfriend heard them on Boston Public, she said they were hilarious. Ironically, the next morning I go to the Rockingham Hunt & Fish Expo and Clay was there. Chatted for a minute...probably one of the most genuine guys I have ever met. All the more reason to listen...

Love the show! 5 stars
Just a simple summer shore angler from Iowa who is now addicted to this podcast. Love the show guys, and I hope you continue to make these for a long time. I work in a somewhat quiet office environment and I catch myself laughing out loud to your show. I wanted to know if aside from your "stump the fish nerds" and "fish in the news" segments, have you thought about doing a "fish nerd tip of the day" segment? Maybe tips for different fishing lures, different techniques, what different poles to use, best ways to cook or prepare a fish…..literally anything fishing related. I've been fishing for years but am in no way an expert. I like to learn more from people who have been around the fishin' hole a few more times than I have. Respectfully, Brian McGilvra

Love em up yum
Oh wait aren't Fish Nerds fish-shaped gummies? Ok well they should be! Love these guys … like the fishing version of Car Guys! Hey these are great and I've downloaded over to my iPod. Thx guys!