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Because you need to know stuff!

An addictive and entertaining show, well worthy of binging. Refreshingly devoid of the usual. Informative! You’ll laugh, and learn in the same episode. Content ranging from scientific discussion of fish eggs in duck poop, to discussing ice fishing safety, finding the ways in which everything relates to fish, cooking fish, and even actually fishing. Organized as well as unpredictable. If you’re into fish, fishing, and eating fish, or perhaps would like to understand more about fish, the fishy people in your life, and conservation, this is for you! This podcast has helped me to discover other shows that I like. I can’t say enough good stuff. Just give it a chance.

Two Women fishing

We stumbled across this podcast while we were kayaking fishing “we just started” being beginners this was so much fun listening while fishing we are definitely going to be less thing every time we fish now.


This podcast was so nice to listen too I listed to one every dad for a long time! It was super relatable and funny. I love fishing and being outdoors so it was super cool!

Best. Podcast. Ever.

The Fish Nerds Podcast is like a buffet of the finest fish with something everyone will love!

From one fish nerd to another

Thanks for the great show, info and fishy news.

Listening helps through my work day

Love the podcast! Looking forward to upcoming episodes! Keep up all that you do!

YES sir!!!!

Heck, I can barely operate a boat, let alone fish...but love the podcast! Clay clearly knows his fishing, and his enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend!


This is so amazing I’ve been listening at work all day every day 40 hours a week for almost a month and still haven’t finished. I’m gonna be so sad when I can’t listen all day anymore. Thank you for being awesome.

Fantastic show!!

Started listening at work and I love it!! Fish in the news is great (I mean what can I say everyone loves it). Very well rounded and interesting podcast. Mostly lighthearted but also touches on the difficult conservation topics. All in all I totally recommend this to anyone interested in fish

Ice Fishing

I went ice fishing with Clay once and I had so much fun. I really want to go fishing again with Clay and Vinny again. They were very nice and informed my brother, cousin, uncle, dad, and I on how to read the radars and how to catch fish.

Great podcast

Only fishing podcast tha tI listen to every episode of. Ive also found some other great podcasts through them. I'd give more stars if I could.

Good show!

Always look forward to an new episode!

Clay is the best

I met Clay at a conference this week. He told me about his pod and I can't stop binging it. And this is coming from a non-fisher!! Keep it up!


This podcast is fantastic, even if Clay’s dad only gives it 4 out of 5 stars!

Fantastic Fishy Fun! For real! Fart!

If you love fishing and are nerdy about it then you'll love this. I fish bass, crappie and catfish in Texas. Most of the time I have no idea what these northerns are talking about but they make it interesting and fun. Love fish news! I'm kinda crushing on Doc Martin so more of her. Keep up the great work!!

Love the Fish Nerds

I just started listening to you guys, and I am just loving it! I also listen to the podcast while fishing. I have a question, for catfishing is really the stinkier the better? I have been using 4 week old hot dog, marinated in rotten egg, tuna fish blood and sardine oil.

Best fishing podcast there is!

Clay's laid back style and love for what he does is clear in this show. If you have ever even held a fishing pole in your life or seen someone hold one on TV once, this show is definitely for you. - Carlos from Life Death and Taxonomy


This is awesome to listen to, i'll definetly be listening again.

Great Fish Tales

If you like fishing, this is the podcast for you!


Proof you can nerd out to anything! Thanks for all the great info!

Love the fish nerds from down south!

Hey Clay! Love your show been listening to it for a while! I live in Charleston sc if you get down here let’s do some fishing! Tight lines, Mitch

True to its name!

A fish geeks paradise, the Fish Nerds podcast is more than a review of techniques, cooking tips or environmental information, it is all of the above and more. But mostly it is a whole lot of fun with humor and fellowship tying it all together. Clay Groves broaches very serious topics like endangered fisheries but then will turn around with some weird fish news, a humorous story about an exploit of his own or a friends, an aside about beer and cement the whole podcast with a story about educating kids to fish and respect their natural never knows what for sure but one does know each podcast will be about "fish, fishing and eating fish that's usually Funny, Always Entertaining and Mostly True",

Nerdy is the New “I Need It!"

I’ve been listening to the Fish Nerds for a while now. I’m always impressed by a podcast that makes me laugh and also always teaches me something new—Fish Nerds delivers every episode. Edutainment? Entercation? You get the point. Just listen!

Let's Go FISHIN'

I grew up fly fishing as a kid and now I live in Portland which relies on lobstering & fishing. I am so happy to have discovered this show!

Love it

Keep it up Brent from Hysteria 51


New favorite podcast!


I used to hate eating fish. And the. Something changed. I began to love eating fish. That was great because it gave me a reason to go fishing. This is what I listen to while I go fishing. Great show!

A Compelling Host with a Likable Show

I had the opportunity to meet the host of this amazing show attending a conference, and before even listening to the show I was able join him for a drink and learn who the man behind the mic was. I was interested in getting to know Clay then and even more excited to get to know him through the show. Clay goes beyond just being a Fish Nerd. He's a man who's lived, with a story we all can connect with. If we all came from the sea one day, Clay is there to bring us back together. Great show. Great show.


I can't remember the last time I had this much fun listening to a podcast. Subscribe to this one 💥🎤💥 -Anthony H.

I might be biased but...

OK, disclaimer first. I've known Clay over 10 years, go fishing with him, and have been listening to the show and helping out/supporting the podcast off-and-on over the years, so I realize my review is biased. That being said, purely from a substance standpoint, this podcast covers a wide variaty of fishing-related topics, and keeps evolving and developing its own unique voice. I think Clay's passion for all things fishing and low-key approach makes this podcast accessible and relevant to all levels of anglers. If you don't take yourself or fishing too seriously, but love fishing and all things fish-related, this is the podcast for you.

Fishing and lots more!

Even though this podcast IS about fishing, it isn't just about what the best spinnerbait to use is. This podcast is a great mix of fish, fishing, comedy, commentary, interviews, music and segments that all revolve around about being a good fisherman and a good outdoorsman. I don't get to go fishing near as often as I would like so this podcast is a good one to have when I'm stuck in my office working. Well done, Clay!

Too much fun

I love fishing and these guys are fun!! Keep it up. 👍👍

Maybe I'll learn to fish

I'm not a fisher, but not by choice. Fish just general hate me. Anyway, I've always been fascinated by the sport and would enjoy it a lot more if I could actually catch something! The layout of this podcast allows fishers of any experience level, or lack thereof, to enjoy and learn more about fishing. Funny at times, entertaining for sure, and always great for learning more about fish. If you like fish, you'll love this podcast!


Love the podcast! Been listening And supporting for a while now very informative and funny. Clay knows his stuff and is always willing to help.

Great podcast

I listen to this every time I'm at work. Can't get enough of fish in the news or the random stories you guys tell. Keep up the good job. Much love from Texas!!


"I love fish in the news!"

Do you like fishing & podcast?

This podcast covers a lot of aspects of fishing, fishing culture, and eating fish. I enjoy it and love to listen when fishing!

Great show, it's about fishing and more

Excellent conversations with awesome energy and style. Learn some tips and tricks about fishing. While it's not only about fishing, you better enjoy fish talk!

Nerdy Fishing?

This is fishing described from a different perspecrtive. Continued success on a great concept. Well done!

My Wife Loves the Show

So she told me to rate it for you guys!

I'm confused....

I am confused because I am not a huge fishing fan... But I still love to listen to this show.. Must mean you all are doing something right!!

Informative & entertaining

Covers a wide variety of topics-from serious fishing to fun stories. Discuss techniques, equipment, news stories, conservation, and locations. Lots of guest interviews from different fishing folks (anglers, business owners, scientists, & more) from around the world. They find a variety of perspectives, and are welcoming to everyone.

Fish Nerds Is a favorite of mine

I listen to over fifty podcasts a week, and approximately a third of them are fishing related. Fish Nerds is different than all the rest. Always something interesting with each episode. Clay and Dave are very funny, but at the same time they cover a wide variety of fishing realted topics and expose you to new info about fish and fishing that you won't get from anywhere else. It is one of the podcasts that I always listen to, and frequently wait anxiously for the latest release. Thanks guys. Keep it up.

First timer

I listened to my first ever podcast and it was a fish nerds! I loved meeting you and listening to your show! I cannot wait to listen more!

Bubba Gump of Fish?!

Man I haven’t been fishing since I was a kid! But this sure does bring back some memories. What could be more important than hanging out with friends, enjoying something you do, and having fun? Thank you for capturing this spirit! Chuck Wang


One word describes this show…ENTERTAINING. I found myself laughing through several of the shows. Dave and Clay have so much fun on this show. So many shows are so serious…but this one is light-hearted, entertaining, and hilarious. Subscribed! Larry Hagner The Good Dad Project

Clay's Folly

Clay thinks the 2 funniest things to talk about are mother-in-law and NJ. Happy to provide moments of humor! Love listening to Fish Nerds. Mumsy


This is a great and funny show... I am a complete amatuer fisher, but it's tons of fun... love sushi to salmon... good fun and highly recommended show for anyone looking for some great fish stories! Podcast Professor Jaime

Good stuff!

This is a great fishing podcast. Keep it up guys!

If you into fishing this is show

If you into fishing this is show for you its very insightful and funny with some great fishing stories. I would highly recommend the show to anybody who loves the sport of fishing!


Great podcast and very friendly hosts. Keep it up guys!

Fun and Informative

I am recommending this podcast to all of my friends that fish...amateur and professionally. Great job!

Entertaining Show

If you are into fishing lifestyle then this one is for you. A fun show with entraining hosts. Definitely want to check this one out.

Smart & Hilarious

These guys would be the best fishing partners.

Makes Me Laugh…Plus I learn something...

I love this podcast. I’m young so I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, but when I’m in the car I make everyone listen to THIS one - everyone enjoys it. We laugh at the guys and how they make fishing entertaining. Can you imagine fishing with them? They are like your best friends, lots of laughs and a good time. Plus I always learn something. Highly recommend.


The Fish Nerds podcast is relatable to the common angler with equal parts fun and information. Clay and Dave are always entertaining with great banter and segments. My favorite podcast!

Central Mass Ice Fishing

You guys are great. You guys make fishing even more fun. I hope to go fishing with you sometime in the near future!

Wonderful Show!!

I've been listening for a few months now and I have to say that I look forward to every episode! Dave & Clay do a great job at informing and entertaining their listeners! Who doesn't enjoy "Fish in the news" "Doc Martin" and the "Big Kahuna Tuna?" Keep the shows coming…please!

Makes fishing fun

I am not a fisherman. But these nerds make it fun and make me want to be a fisherman. As long as I don't have to eat any of their fishes, I'm happy!

Fishing should be fun!

I've listened to a few other podcasts about fishing. The thing is, some people take fishing WAY too seriously. Dave and Clay, on the other hand, are clearly having fun, both fishing and podcasting. The fact that they ate shiners in pursuit of a pointless but entertaining quest is all you really need to know about this show. In amongst all the serious discussions about tackle, tactics and conservation we should never forget why most of us started fishing in the first place as kids: fun. So tune in and listen to thrilling stories of Clay not catching fish, Dave's crowning glory catfish, and Doc Martin dropping some science.

Great podcast!

Awesome podcast! Friend told me about it and I love it. Very informative and also funny as hell!!!!

Brilliantly Entertaining

Dave & Clay are the real deal! Genuinely nerdy and brilliantly entertaining. This podcast keeps my mind occupied during my 1 hour commute! The guys are very well plugged into the fishing community. They provide wicked excellent information and work with great guests. If you aren't a Fish Nerd, you are truly missing out!

Mr John Lavoie

Great show! Informative, funny, entertaining! These guys know fishing!


I was looking for fishing tips.....but I got so much more than expected. These guys keep me laughing while teaching me things I didn't know I wanted to learn. Whether you fish or not, you'll get hooked on Fish Nerds!


Just good, honest fishing talk!

Fishing Nerds

This is a great pod cast for any one that enjoys fishing. Dave and Clay are funny and provide great tips to new fishermen. They have great segments like "fish in the news" and "stump the fish nerds" both of which I look forward to hearing on each podcast. Also hearing about thier quest is great.


Two great guys!!! Nice seeing you at the Fish and Game Expo!

Most Entertaining Fishing Podcast Ever!!

Have just listened to the last 4 episodes but this is fast becoming one of my favorite podcasts. The guys are funny and entertaining. I enjoy all the different segments, like Stump the Fish Nerds and Fish in the News. Definitely give this podcast a try!

Funny and fish

These guys are great. The longer you listen the funnier it gets.

Great Charisma

I found Fish Nerds on Facebook and then was led to their I-Tunes podcast. I'm glad I found them. Their humor is contagious, have really enjoyed listening to. If they ever come fishing in East TN, I would realy like to meet them in person. Good Luck Dave & Clay.

Best podcast ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fish nerds are hilarious. They are informative yet super funny. I called in and they gave me a perfect answer. This is the best podcast I've ever listened to. Keep on creating funny and informative podcasts Dave and Clay! P.S which one has a beard in the picture?

From San Jose, CA

I Heard you guys on WGF's podcast. So I thought I'd check you guys out. From what I've heard so far I'm digging it. I look forward to listening to all your podcast! Tight Lines!

Best Podcast Evah

By far the best podcast. You guys are a riot and the fishing information is a plus! Keep it up guys. Thanks for the laughs and tips!

Love this show!!!!🎣

Best fishing podcast on iTunes! Great concept!

Fishy news

After listening to the podcasts, I can say I like the topics and the range... It's interesting to hear the many things that come up... Thanks for making my Ipod that much more fun to You guys rock...!!!

In my opinion

I have never written a podcast review before but for some reason I really want some fish nerds stickers for my boat and tackle box so here goes nothing. If you like to fish and think about fishing you mite like this show. I have heard fishing podcasts with more useful tips but they are usually very boring, this show is the opposite of that, by which I mean no real useful tips but there is funny banter keeping it interesting. I have enjoyed listening while eagerly awaiting the warm weather and the start of some real fishing here in Pennsylvania.

Best Fishing Podcast Out There

These guys cover a lot of topics and keep things moving with interesting stories and topics. Something for everybody who likes to fish. Entertaining through and through.

Fishnerd nation

What a great pod cast. Fun and informative. Keep up the good work dave and clay

Listening Gold!

These guys are awesome! Some funny stuff and still useful at that same time! I only hope my show is as good! Thanks guys!

The Car Talk of Fishing Shows!

Have you ever listened to the show car talk? These guys are like the car talk guys of the fishing industry! They know stuff, but don't take things too seriously. They are constantly cracking jokes and laughing at each other and themselves. I always find myself busting up at multiple times throughout an episode. On top of that they always share valuable fishing info! Give them a listen! If like laughing, fun, and fishing then you will love this show!

You'll want to listen to this

My favorite podcast. Keeps me wanting more. Always laugh and am always entertained.

A podcast not to be missed.

The fish nerds are great guys. The podcast is hilarious and informative. The best thing since Car Talk.


Fish nerds are great !!!!

Very entertaining! Worth the listen.

Check these guys out. Hilarious and informative.

Love it!

The last podcast had me laughing for like 10 minutes! Good job!


Started listening because my girlfriend heard them on Boston Public, she said they were hilarious. Ironically, the next morning I go to the Rockingham Hunt & Fish Expo and Clay was there. Chatted for a minute...probably one of the most genuine guys I have ever met. All the more reason to listen...

Love the show! 5 stars

Just a simple summer shore angler from Iowa who is now addicted to this podcast. Love the show guys, and I hope you continue to make these for a long time. I work in a somewhat quiet office environment and I catch myself laughing out loud to your show. I wanted to know if aside from your "stump the fish nerds" and "fish in the news" segments, have you thought about doing a "fish nerd tip of the day" segment? Maybe tips for different fishing lures, different techniques, what different poles to use, best ways to cook or prepare a fish…..literally anything fishing related. I've been fishing for years but am in no way an expert. I like to learn more from people who have been around the fishin' hole a few more times than I have. Respectfully, Brian McGilvra

Love em up yum

Oh wait aren't Fish Nerds fish-shaped gummies? Ok well they should be! Love these guys … like the fishing version of Car Guys! Hey these are great and I've downloaded over to my iPod. Thx guys!

Fish Nerds? More like fish Jocks!

I am addicted. Please do two shows a week!

the best fishing podcast

At first I was a bit put off by the low sound quality and almost turned it off, but something about the wit and charisma of this angler duo kept me interested. Before long I was laughing out loud in my car and saying to myself, these guys have got "IT"! I haven't actually learned anything about fishing from Dave & Clay, but I don't care because they are so funny and have a genuine down to earth charm, "folksy" one might even call it. Don't give up on Dave & clay just because they can't afford good microphones!

Fish talk...

It's hard to tell if these two have more fun on their actual adventures or while retelling them to their listeners. The witty banter makes for a fishing show reminiscent of car talk. Informative and fun, perfect or a long commute.

I peed myself listening to this podcast

It might have been coincidence. Or it might have been that I just couldn't get to the middle of the lobster boat in time. You need to listen to this for anything in life to make sense.

Great podcast!

This is a very funny couple of good guys who like to fish and have some fun on the water. This podcast is "wonder"full and I was wondering, if I pray hard enough, do I really have to wait the 5 hours before using my wonder boner?


Great podcast guys! I'm from Texas & have no idea what y'all are talking about half the time but I've enjoyed listening. I guess us Fish Nerds are the same no matter what we are catching. Keep it up!

Love the Nerds!

Clay and Dave are awesome! If you're like me and don't catch allot if fish you'll love these guys! They are not afraid to talk about their failures of their Catch Em' All quest and joke about it. The locker room humor is just starting to blossom which is great! Keep up the good work guys. I look forward to each new podcast to make my commute more bearable.

You guys are great!

I am so glad I found this podcast. Fish Nerds is fantastic!

If Patrick F. McManus knew how to podcast...

Dave and Clay take time out of their busy fishing schedule to enlighten the rest of the world on why bass fisherman need cigar boats and using nudism to protect your favorite fishing hole. A fun listen! Check it out!

Lord Of The Universe

These guys are great. Lots of fun to listen to. Lots of great stuff in here. I'm not just saying it because I'm the Lord of the Universe. I'm saying it because it's all true.


Dave & Clay are two crazy guys but entertaining. This is fun to listen to. Keep it up!!!!

Fishnerds are fun

Love the Fish Nerds, these are two dopey guys from NH having a great time talking about their fishing adventures...they fish for and eat every species of fish and interview other fish nerds... Funny smart entertainment! They are like if the car guys went fishing with Betty Crocker!