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Great guests, great hosts, great stories.

A Unique Podcast with plenty of Laughs- You don't have too know fishing
Where else can you laugh out load with everything going on in the world, while actually learning from guests like Doc Martin in a simplistic way. Not all Fish Nerds are Geniuses. I know I laugh because some of the stupid things they talk about, are the same things I did already in life. Fish Nerds- It's a podcast about Fish, Fishing ,and just being a Good Person. Keep up the great work!

Because you need to know stuff!
An addictive and entertaining show, well worthy of binging. Refreshingly devoid of the usual. Informative! You’ll laugh, and learn in the same episode. Content ranging from scientific discussion of fish eggs in duck poop, to discussing ice fishing safety, finding the ways in which everything relates to fish, cooking fish, and even actually fishing. Organized as well as unpredictable. If you’re into fish, fishing, and eating fish, or perhaps would like to understand more about fish, the fishy people in your life, and conservation, this is for you! This podcast has helped me to discover other shows that I like. I can’t say enough good stuff. Just give it a chance.

Two Women fishing
We stumbled across this podcast while we were kayaking fishing “we just started” being beginners this was so much fun listening while fishing we are definitely going to be less thing every time we fish now.

This podcast was so nice to listen too I listed to one every dad for a long time! It was super relatable and funny. I love fishing and being outdoors so it was super cool!

Best. Podcast. Ever.
The Fish Nerds Podcast is like a buffet of the finest fish with something everyone will love!

From one fish nerd to another
Thanks for the great show, info and fishy news.

Listening helps through my work day
Love the podcast! Looking forward to upcoming episodes! Keep up all that you do!

YES sir!!!!
Heck, I can barely operate a boat, let alone fish...but love the podcast! Clay clearly knows his fishing, and his enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend!

This is so amazing I’ve been listening at work all day every day 40 hours a week for almost a month and still haven’t finished. I’m gonna be so sad when I can’t listen all day anymore. Thank you for being awesome.

Fantastic show!!
Started listening at work and I love it!! Fish in the news is great (I mean what can I say everyone loves it). Very well rounded and interesting podcast. Mostly lighthearted but also touches on the difficult conservation topics. All in all I totally recommend this to anyone interested in fish

Ice Fishing
I went ice fishing with Clay once and I had so much fun. I really want to go fishing again with Clay and Vinny again. They were very nice and informed my brother, cousin, uncle, dad, and I on how to read the radars and how to catch fish.

Great podcast
Only fishing podcast tha tI listen to every episode of. Ive also found some other great podcasts through them. I'd give more stars if I could.

Good show!
Always look forward to an new episode!

Clay is the best
I met Clay at a conference this week. He told me about his pod and I can't stop binging it. And this is coming from a non-fisher!! Keep it up!

This podcast is fantastic, even if Clay’s dad only gives it 4 out of 5 stars!

Fantastic Fishy Fun! For real! Fart!
If you love fishing and are nerdy about it then you'll love this. I fish bass, crappie and catfish in Texas. Most of the time I have no idea what these northerns are talking about but they make it interesting and fun. Love fish news! I'm kinda crushing on Doc Martin so more of her. Keep up the great work!!

Love the Fish Nerds
I just started listening to you guys, and I am just loving it! I also listen to the podcast while fishing. I have a question, for catfishing is really the stinkier the better? I have been using 4 week old hot dog, marinated in rotten egg, tuna fish blood and sardine oil.

Best fishing podcast there is!
Clay's laid back style and love for what he does is clear in this show. If you have ever even held a fishing pole in your life or seen someone hold one on TV once, this show is definitely for you. - Carlos from Life Death and Taxonomy

This is awesome to listen to, i'll definetly be listening again.

Great Fish Tales
If you like fishing, this is the podcast for you!

Proof you can nerd out to anything! Thanks for all the great info!

Love the fish nerds from down south!
Hey Clay! Love your show been listening to it for a while! I live in Charleston sc if you get down here let’s do some fishing! Tight lines, Mitch

True to its name!
A fish geeks paradise, the Fish Nerds podcast is more than a review of techniques, cooking tips or environmental information, it is all of the above and more. But mostly it is a whole lot of fun with humor and fellowship tying it all together. Clay Groves broaches very serious topics like endangered fisheries but then will turn around with some weird fish news, a humorous story about an exploit of his own or a friends, an aside about beer and cement the whole podcast with a story about educating kids to fish and respect their natural never knows what for sure but one does know each podcast will be about "fish, fishing and eating fish that's usually Funny, Always Entertaining and Mostly True",

Nerdy is the New “I Need It!"
I’ve been listening to the Fish Nerds for a while now. I’m always impressed by a podcast that makes me laugh and also always teaches me something new—Fish Nerds delivers every episode. Edutainment? Entercation? You get the point. Just listen!

Let's Go FISHIN'
I grew up fly fishing as a kid and now I live in Portland which relies on lobstering & fishing. I am so happy to have discovered this show!

Love it
Keep it up Brent from Hysteria 51

New favorite podcast!

I used to hate eating fish. And the. Something changed. I began to love eating fish. That was great because it gave me a reason to go fishing. This is what I listen to while I go fishing. Great show!

A Compelling Host with a Likable Show
I had the opportunity to meet the host of this amazing show attending a conference, and before even listening to the show I was able join him for a drink and learn who the man behind the mic was. I was interested in getting to know Clay then and even more excited to get to know him through the show. Clay goes beyond just being a Fish Nerd. He's a man who's lived, with a story we all can connect with. If we all came from the sea one day, Clay is there to bring us back together. Great show. Great show.