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Oct. 9, 2019

Emily Merry: surviving my mental health breakdown

Emily Merry: surviving my mental health breakdown

Trigger warning: we talk in quite a lot of detail…

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Trigger warning: we talk in quite a lot of detail about miscarriage and the reality of it. Please don't listen if you don't feel able to at this point. Emily is also mum to Arthur and pregnant at the time of recording, so we talk a little bit about her pregnancy too as well as mental health. My old school friend and I, Emily Merry, sat down and talked all about her journey - we cover a lot. Pre-natal depression, miscarriage, anxiety and a mental health breakdown. We cry, we laugh and we both hope that by doing sharing this conversation between two old pals, we can help to take part in baby loss awareness week, world mental health day and of course, my 'forever mission'...to help connect and normalise fertility issues. My grateful thanks to my incredibly strong friend for allowing me to share her story. If you need support, please seek it out: Emily found it through the Samaritans; you can also contact Tommy's, Fertility Network and always reach out online. I also talk about a new mental health and fertility campaign from the fabulous @laurenifen and @bee_dreams launching on World Mental Health Day 10.10.19.


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