We're back for Season 2, Part 2!
EdUp EdTech, hosted by Holly Owens

EdUp EdTech, hosted by Holly Owens

This podcast is a go-to resource to stay updated with the latest and greatest Ed Tech tools that are disturbing (in a good way) education.

EdUp EdTech is hosted by Holly Owens, whose ability to break down the complex components of ed-tech makes us believe we can do anything when it comes to education!

Join Holly each week as she hosts insightful guests from the world of educational technology.

Part of the EdUp Experience Podcast Network where We Make Education Your Business!

Recent Episodes

53: Frictionless Communication with an Affinity for Helping Others using Protopia to Leverage Social Capital, Max Leisten CEO & Founder

Sept. 28, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with the humble and kind Max Leisten CEO and Founder of Protopia . We discuss how Protopia’s A.I. driven tech is helping higher education institutions connect the community to create i…

Guest: Max Leisten
Edtech A.I.

52: Social and Collaborative Learning with Eduflow CEO David Kofoed Wind

Sept. 22, 2022

Overview If you've thought about the future of learning, it's here. Join me as we kick off Part 2 of Season 2 of EdUp EdTech where I got to sit down with David Kofoed Wind, CEO of Eduflow . In this episode, we discuss all t…

51: Mental Health Matters and Care Escalation, A Conversation with Dr. Katherine Grill, CEO and Co-Founder Neolth

April 7, 2022

Overview In episode 51, I got to chat with an extraordinary human, Dr. Katherine Grill. Katherine is the CEO and Co-Found of the personalized mental health platform, Neolth , which helps support teens through self-guided acc…

50: Authentic Inquiry Experiences and Real-Time Feedback in Science, Inquiry Intelligent Tutoring System (Inq-ITS) with CEO and Co-Founder, Janice Gobert

March 31, 2022

Overview In this episode, I got to chat with the amazing Janice Gobert, CEO, and Co-founder of Inq-ITS . She is also a Professor of Learning Sciences at Rutgers University . Janice speaks of all her many education travels an…

About the Host

Holly Owens Profile Photo

Holly Owens

Show Host

Holly Owens, Instructional Designer

Holly Owens is an Instructional Designer with PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy. She has over 15 years of experience in education in various roles, including high school educator, instructional technologist, and podcast host. Holly has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in education and instructional design at various institutions, including the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Coppin State University, and Northern Virginia Community College. For the past four years, she has taught instructional design courses with the Instructional Technology Program at Touro University within the Graduate School of Technology.

Holly has a B.A. in American Studies from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), two master's degrees, one in Instructional Technology and another in Distance Learning, from the University of Maryland, Global Campus (UMGC), and she is currently pursuing her doctorate in Education Administration and Leadership with Touro University Nevada (expected Fall 2023). She is passionate about online learning, ed-tech, and teaching future generations of learners.

Her podcast, EdUp EdTech, is a go-to resource to stay updated with the latest and greatest Ed Tech tools that are disturbing (in a good way) education. Holly has interviewed CEOs, Founders, and EdTech innovators who are changing the education landscape by making learning more accessible, fun, and engaging.

Holly currently resides in Myrtle Beach, SC, with her Mom, Julie, younger sister Madelyn, and her two furbabies, Kolton and Lola.