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A easy to follow Christian podcast. Love it. Keep it up!!

Great Podcast By A Solid Brother In Christ
Brother Greg has put together a good podcast featuring worthwhile guest and solid theological discussions. Definitely worth the listen!

Incredible show! 🙌
This show is absolutely fantastic! If you’re not listening in, you’re missing out on hundreds of hilarious, informative, theologically DEEP, interviews and episodes!!

Such a great podcast! Educational and entertaining.

Top shelf
This podcast has it all. It’s just what your looking for from theology to hot topic politics. Love it. Subscribe you won’t be disappointed.

Such a great duo!
Love this podcast! They find such great guests to interview who have such amazing insight on theology and doctrine. As well as there own great knowledge they share and touch on with theology and events happening in the world and how we should respond as Christians.

Great Podcast, deep and quick
This is a really good podcast, they explore deep theological concepts within a timeframe that it makes it easy to listen to.

Up and rising
I had the pleasure of getting to know both these guys at the FLF conference. I can assure you they are a couple of rowdy, Jesus loving, reformed fighters for God. Every conversation was a joy and this podcast is going to a beautiful add to the reformed community.

What a blessing!
Love this podcast! Some great content! Theology, life, the church, humor, I even wept one episode! Looking forward to the future of this podcast.

Great speaker and content
Greg is a great speaker with lots of energy. It truly adds to the content of the podcast.

Refreshing take on politics, spirituality and modern day topics
Great podcast on politics, religion, spirituality and other modern day topics with varied guests. Greg is smart and insightful and the content is always interesting and fun

Praise God for shows like this. By far my favorite Christ based podcast! Looking forward to many more episodes in the future. Great job Greg!

Good stuff!!
Great discussion—loved it!! (Even though Jason prefers Taylor over Martin😂)

Off to a great start!
A conversation that made me laugh but more importantly....made me think. Can’t wait for the next one!

Truth straight from the Bible
The host reflects a person who has delved in to the Word of God to extract the Truth. Scriptures quoted are thoroughly researched and based on context. Very insightful.

Love it!
Great to hear and see fellowship among my brothers in Christ. Humor, theology and sharing of knowledge can be quite entertaining! Keep up the good work Greg!

Great !
I love the content and the authenticity of this show🙏🥰