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Recent Episodes

Braden Patterson Returns! The Complete Hunting Episode!

Nov. 29, 2023

This week Greg sat down with Pastor Braden Patterson. They discussed their hunts for deer, black bear, antelope, cougars, coyotes, and bobcats. They talked about their weapon preferences, the discipline in scouting an area t…

Conversations with a Conspiracy Theorist: Greg Moore, Keith Foskey, & John Burroughs

Nov. 22, 2023

This week Greg sat down with Keith Foskey of Conversations with a Calvinist , and John Burroughs. The guys each brought two conspiracy theories that they thought had merit, and one that they couldn't believe at all. Covered …

Biblical Masculinity & The Best Adventures In The United States with Nate Stevens

Nov. 15, 2023

This week Greg sat down with Nate Stevens. Greg & Nate discussed their six day canoe trip to the Boundary Waters, what true biblical masculinity looks like, and finished with some of the best places to camp and adventure in …

CEO Luke Richey & CSO Jen Richey of Gravity Jack

Nov. 8, 2023

Wow! This one was fun! This week Greg sat down with Luke & Jen Richey, CEO & CSO of Gravity Jack. Gravity Jack is the oldest augmented and virtual reality company in the United States. The episode kicked off with how God rad…

CEO Brent Dusing of TruPlay

Nov. 1, 2023

This week Greg sat down with Brent Dusing. Brent is the CEO of TruPlay based in Austin, TX and has been featured on Fox News, The Mike Huckabee Show, and others. TruPlay is a Christian based company that produces video games…

Live From Fight Laugh Feast 2023 Part 2

Oct. 25, 2023

This is part two of a two part series of interviews from the Fight Laugh Feast Conference at the Ark Encounter. This episode contains interviews with: 1. Marcus Pittman of 2. The Page 50 Crew 3. Keith Foskey , David …