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Braden Patterson: From Mormon to Reformed Baptist

March 22, 2023

Greg sat down with Pastor Braden Patterson this week. Braden was raised in the LDS church until he was nineteen until the Lord opened his eyes and heart and saved him. We discussed what is was that saved him, his journey int…

Coby Munsey: Bible Reviews & from Baptist to Presby

March 15, 2023

Greg sat down with Coby Munsey. Greg & Coby discussed his youtube channel at Rural Bible Reviews that reviews a wide range of bibles, as well as their time at the Shadows to Substance Conference, his journey from Baptist to…

Keith Foskey: Comedy as Christians

March 8, 2023

This week Greg sat down with Keith Foskey. Keith is a Pastor at Sovereign Grace Family Church , Host of the Conversations with a Calvinist Podcast , and creator of interdenominational comedy videos that go viral and have no…

*Bonus* Post Conference Debate Interview with Dr. James White

March 1, 2023

In this bonus episode, Greg sat down with Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries, and Pastor Jeffery Rice & Pastor Braden Patterson of Open Air Theology Podcast to discuss the completion of the Shadows to Substance Conf…

Shadows to Substance Conference Part 2

March 1, 2023

Finishing up our coverage at the Shadows to Substance Conference in Tullahoma, TN, Greg sat down with Pastor Michael Schultz, Pastor Happy Addison, Pastor Braden Patterson, and Pastor Andrew Rappaport. This episode was edify…

Shadows to Substance Conference Part 1

Feb. 22, 2023

This week Greg brought you four interviews from the speakers of the Shadow to Substance Conference 2023 in Tullahoma, TN. In this episode we hear from Pastor Greg Moering Jr., Pastor Kevin Hay, Pastor Claude Ramsey, and Past…