Oct. 15, 2023

NAPA Intensive Therapy Program with Chrissy Johnston

NAPA Intensive Therapy Program with Chrissy Johnston

If you are on Facebook or Instagram I am sure you have seen many of our CTNNB1 children at NAPA, but if any of you are like me you’ve wondered what is it? What do they do there? How do I get my child there?  

NAPA stands for Neurological and Physical Abilitation Center. They have several locations across the US in Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, Denver, and Chicago. They also have locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and London. If you check out their website, you’ll learn NAPA is dedicated to delivering innovative intensive therapy services to children with a variety of neurological and developmental needs. They embrace each child’s differences and work with them to overcome their unique challenges. They do this by designing individualized intensive therapy programs with unique combinations of speech, physical, occupational and other innovative therapies. 

We have had several CTNNB1 families attend NAPA and today I sat down with my long time friend and CTNNB1 mom, Chrissy, to learn more.