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Great Information!!
This podcast has been such an eye opener and helped so much to navigate this disruptive disorder. Such extreme joy yet such a difficult path to follow. Thank you so much for exploring and sharing others trials and triumphs. We have learned a lot, tried a lot of new things and shared a lot thanks to this podcast. I always look forward to the next one. Thanks and blessings to all on this journey with us.

Rare disease families everywhere can relate
Annie is such a warm hug. I am so thankful to her for putting this podcast together and sharing so openly about her experience and creating a place for others to do the same. Being a rare disease parent, especially the beginning is such an isolating place and this podcast will be a lifeline for so many. It doesn’t matter what disease group you come from, our experience is so similar and you will resonate with this content. Thank you

Love this
Great start, we are looking forward to where this podcast leads you. Annie is such a beautiful person and my wife and I were so blessed to get to meet her and Chad at the conference in Illinois over the summer.